Toyota Camry 2018 bundles and photos, specifications

The most popular sedan “D” segment Toyota Camry 2018 is waiting for a serious update. On the market will be a new generation of Toyota Camry. The truth is that this can happen only at the end of the year, so, for now, we are…

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Tesla has produced 300,000 electric vehicles

Tesla has produced 300,000 electric vehicles Despite the fact that Tesla continues to experience difficulties with the production of machines, the new electric cars continue to slowly but surely leave the factory conveyor. The company’s quarterly report indicated that the manufacturer…

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The Beginning Of The History Of Tesla Model Cars

The first studies of electric motors began in the 19-20 centuries, but until the real experiments came to the end only in 1931. The first place to test was the United States, a car factory in Buffalo. In the role of the main test…

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Hugo Eccles of Untitled Motorcycles in San Francisco did just that. With over 20 years of industrial design and product development experience, Hugo took a gamble on building custom motorcycles. Well, that gamble has paid off for Hugo. His build…

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Top 10 Fastest SuperCars in The World

The fastest production supercars … often they are produced manually using materials from the space industry. Most of the inhabitants of the Earth can only look at them on the pages of magazines and on the monitor screens, only the selected…

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Mazda Kai

Mazda Kai: Spectacular and Diabolically Effective

Mazda Kai, Mazda Motor Corporation – the company is small even by the standards of Japan. And the most provincial – further Hiroshima on the automobile horizon is just turned upside down Australia. Nevertheless, at the Tokyo Motor Show, the exposition of…

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Volkswagen Passat engine specifications

The engine Volkswagen Passat in our country has 4 modifications with a capacity of 122 to 210 horsepower. These are three petrol turbo engines with direct fuel injection and one diesel power unit. All these Passat engines can be found…

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Harley-Davidson will release the quietest motorcycle by 2019

The manufacturer of cool and loud motorcycles Harley-Davidson undertook the creation of an electric bike. What is known Harley-Davidson announced a prototype electric motorcycle in 2014, but did not talk about the exact date of release. Based on the financial report,…

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Solar Energy Car

Cars On Solar Energy Car – A Myth Or Reality?

Will oil tycoons allow the introduction of solar energy into mass exploitation? After all, experimental models of such cars already exist and are satisfactorily characterized by all parameters. THE FUTURE OF CARS ON SOLAR ENERGY SOLAR ENERGY Car: Prospects and broad…

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Toyota Camry Exclusive

The Japanese Manufacturer To Release a New Toyota Camry Exclusive

The St. Petersburg plant Toyota, where they assembled the popular Toyota Camry Exclusive business-class sedan (and set up the production of the Rav4 crossover) introduced a new modification of the Exclusive. The new version of the car received bright strokes…

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