Audi AutoPilot allows the driver to watch TV

Audi TV

The company showed new details of the new autonomous system A8

We already covered generation of Audi A6 & Audi A8 in our previous posts. Audi has shown in real terms as a new autonomous system that debuted the latest generation of the flagship brand A8. Technology Audi AI pilot mash is the first of a similar team that responds to the third level of autonomy of the SAE standard.

Audi autopilot TV

The main difference from the second level is the completion of environmental monitoring of surrounding cars and use more complex algorithms for decision making. Even now, some models of the undercarriage system for processing a vehicle’s lane, it works with a camera or radar to monitor the distance to the vehicle in front.

In the level of “two” electronics controls the wheels, accelerator, and brakes, but in the case of a complex situation requires human intervention. The new Audi A8 has 5 open cameras, a radar 5, 12 ultrasonic sensors and a laser scanner. With their help, the car “learns” that the situation is on the front, side and behind it.

Audi TV

At speeds up to 60 km / h, the car moves completely autonomously. After pressing the Audi AI ham, the central Consol driver can not only lift the legs off the pedals but release the steering wheel. In similar systems in other cars located at the helm for a short time, after which the car gives a sign to the driver if he does not hold the steering wheel may come to a complete stop.

When the Audi A8 is not needed, because of which the driver is not obliged to constantly follow the road in front of him. Thus, he could easily do a side business in Germany would be allowed to watch TV or a movie on DVD. But he will be forced to take control of the vehicle when the system requests.

AUDI TV Steering

The system works both on highways and roads with a large number of lanes, in which there is not a single traffic light. It even works when driving in a traffic jam at low speed, using a camera in the cab that controls the driver’s face. If he closes his eyes for a longer period of time, he activates a beep. And if it is ignored, the vehicle should start slowing down until it stops.

The beep will be activated if the vehicle determines that the traffic has already been overcome, and can reach speeds of over 60 km / h. Then an inscription appears on the dashboard that causes the driver to take control of the car. If there is no response from the person, will again lead to the suspension of the car.

Along with the unmanned system, Audi introduced the MIB2 + information and entertainment platform, which is also associated with the autopilot. He implemented the so-called “hybrid navigation.” He calculates the route that the car will take, taking into account congestion. Information is constantly updated.

Data transfer between servers and the A8 system will use the fastest, at least temporary standard for connecting LTE Advanced. The new type of navigation will offer new management features. When approaching a traffic jam, for example, the driver will be able to move his fingers to increase the screen of a problematic stretch of road, and then look for an alternative transportation route.

The navigation system itself works with applications for myAudi smartphones, which allows it to be launched before the departure time. Trevnenskoy driver only specifies the address to which they intend to go and navigation only select the route, taking into account all its features.


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