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Audi and Porsche

Audi Porsche will jointly develop a new platform for a new electric vehicle equipped with autonomous driving techniques

Audi Porche

The first models on the new architecture should appear no later than 2025. However, while Porsche maximally distances its electric vehicle from Audi, so as not to create “We will be very careful to maintain the differentiation between our brands.” Porsche remains Porsche and will remain the same in the future, “said the head of the company Oliver Bloom.A joint statement of the companies says, That in the near future Porsche  Audi 

Audi Porche

will develop a roadmap for cooperation. Its goal will be the joint development of the platform, modules and components, which should be ready by 2025.

Most likely, the first joint developments will be used on the serial version of the concept Mission E, which should appear in 2020. It will be a 600-horsepower electric vehicle with a power reserve of one charge of 500 kilometers.

In addition, the joint work will allow Audi to reduce its own costs when developing a new platform for large models. It will be a modular scaled platform that will be used for both passenger cars and crossovers.

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