The Beginning Of The History Of Tesla Model Cars


The first studies of electric motors began in the 19-20 centuries, but until the real experiments came to the end only in 1931. The first place to test was the United States, a car factory in Buffalo.

In the role of the main test was Nikola Tesla. In his experiment, the standard motor was replaced by an electric motor having a power of about 80 l / s (rotation speed 1800 rpm).Nikola Tesla

The first motor was small in size – 30 cm in diameter and 40 inches in length (1 inch by 2.54 cm). The power wires were discharged into the air without external power being connected to them, which caused specialists bewilderment and a lot of questions.

At the agreed time Tesla came from New York, and after the inspection went to the store with a receiver and the necessary equipment for inspections. In the shop he bought lamps, resistors and wires.

This was enough to create a compact device, installed in a small box. The latter fit into the seat of the car, after which it got two twigs of different lengths (one quarter and three inches). What happened next, no one knows, but the experiment was successful, and the first electric car was able to gain speed at 145 km / h. The inventor is still considered a mystery man.

Pierce Arrow 1931

Tesla went by car for seven days. At the same time, journalists made a lot of attempts to find out where the electric motor is fed from.

When they asked such a question to the inventor, he answered that from the surrounding ether. It was for this reason that Tesla was considered to be out of his mind. In the 30s, when the Great Depression began, experiments with the engine had to be stopped. Already in 1933, a unique electric vehicle was lost forever.

The riddle of the first copy is still unsolved. There are suggestions that the electric vehicle Tesla used the magnetic field of the earth, but this is just a guess. But the case of dispersal of a car with a motor of 80 “horses” to a speed of 90 miles per hour remains a mystery.

Today, cars with electric drive, as in the past, a real revolution in the automotive industry. The leader in this area was Tesla, which has gained real popularity over the past 5-7 years.

In 2013, the company’s profit amounted to more than $ 11 million, and this figure is constantly growing.

Such a take-off of the company attracted investors, which raised the company’s total capitalization to $ 8 billion.


Modern models of Tesla in the Markets

Tesla cars are actively winning not only the US market. They are very popular in the CIS countries.

So, in Russia and Ukraine the following models are presented.

1. Tesla Model S.

The concept, which was introduced back in 2009, in California. Development of the sedan was carried out in one of the branches of the company located in Detroit. The first deliveries of the car went in mid-2012. Depending on the configuration, this specimen is capable of driving from 442 to 502 kilometers.

First sales began in the US, and then in the whole world.

Tesla Model S

The first deliveries to our region began only recently – in early 2015. The cost of the Tesla Model S in Russia and Ukraine is about 133 thousand dollars. A more advanced version of the Tesla Model S P85 D costs a large amount – about 160-170 thousand dollars.

2. Electric car Tesla Model X – a novelty from the manufacturer.

The prototype of this car was introduced in 2012. Production of the crossover was to start a year later – in 2013-m. It was planned that the first batch of the car will go on sale in late 2014, and the bulk – in 2015. But over time, the beginning of deliveries had to be postponed to the end of 2015.

Electric car Tesla Model X

Thus, the first cars Tesla Model X appeared on sale only at the end of the past (2015). The cost of the car is almost 190 thousand dollars.

In general, the prospects for sales of Tesla cars in Russia and Ukraine are very attractive. For example, the network of filling stations for such cars in the world has about 220 pieces. Several filling stations are planned in Russia and Ukraine. According to the manufacturers, the car’s charge will not last more than 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, the prospect of building gas stations for new cars is still only the future. How far it will be possible to implement the conceived is the question.

Actually, the high price and the absence of gas stations are the main factors that deter motorists. But there is a hope that the attitude towards Tesla in Russia and Ukraine will change for the better with time. And here much depends not even on the people themselves, but on the development of the state and the standard of living in general.

Models overview

Today, there are several Tesla models, each of which deserves to be part of the story.

1. Model Tesla Roadster

The first electric vehicle that was produced from under the “machine” of the firm. For the first time the car was introduced in 2006, July 19, in California. The first hundred cars managed to be made within one month. The starting price is about 100 thousand dollars. In series production, an electric vehicle was launched in 2008.

Model Tesla Roadster

The technical characteristics of the machine were very respectable. So, a new electric car could accelerate to “hundreds” in just four seconds. At the same time, the maximum speed was limited by the manufacturer – it is just over 200 km / h. The charge of one battery is enough to drive about 400 kilometers. Full charge of the battery is achieved in 3.5 hours.

Model Tesla Roadster 1

2. Model Tesla Model S

A new concept, which was submitted to the court of motorists a little later – in 2009.

The first deliveries began in 2012. The choice offered two variations of the car – with a capacity of 60 and 40 kWh. The first version of the engine is able to accelerate the car to 335 km / h, and the second – up to 260.

Model Tesla Model S

The main feature is the presence of an electric motor on the rear axle of the vehicle. Already from the fourth quarter of 2014, the car was already sold with two engines. The original cost of the model was at the level of 75 thousand dollars, but today it costs more.

Model Tesla Model S 1

In the base Model S, liquid cooling of the motor is used, which allows the latter to develop power up to 362 “horses” without overheating. Over time, a more advanced version of the model was released – the Model S P85D.

The developers have installed two motors – on the front and rear axle. The first gave out 224 “horses”, and the second – 476. It turned out that the total power of the car was almost 700 horsepower. With such power under the hood, the car manages to accelerate to “hundreds” in just 3.2 seconds. At the same time, the maximum speed limit was increased to 249 horsepower.

In addition to the full drive in the car, there were several more “lotions” – ultrasonic sensors that help to keep the car on the road, smart front camera, modern control system and so on.

The cost of the Model S P85D version is about 120 thousand dollars. For this price, the buyer can count on a number of additional options – electromirrors, keyless access, autopilot, adaptive seats, electric trunk and so on.

3. Model Tesla Model X

A new crossover, which appeared only in late 2015. This is the third product from the famous brand, in which it was possible to combine all existing experience of the trade mark.

Model Tesla Model X

There are several variants of the model today – 70D, 90D, P90D.

The main advantages of the car include – a large windshield, a state-of-the-art air purification system, a unique door shape, the presence of sensors that eliminate the risk of damage even in a close room.

In the basic configuration, the model is accelerated in 3.2 seconds to “hundreds”.

As for the various modifications, the technical specifications are different:

  • 70D. In this model, the battery capacity is enough for 354 kilometers, the battery capacity is up to 70 kWh, the maximum speed is 225 km / h, the all-wheel drive, the cost is about 80 thousand dollars.

Model Tesla Model X 1

90 D. The peculiarity of this variant is an excellent power reserve (up to 414 km), power – 259 “horses”, acceleration to “hundreds” in 4.8 seconds. It is worth noting the full drive and battery capacity – 90 kW * h. The cost is 132 thousand dollars.

Model Tesla Model X Interior


Reviews about cars Tesla

The best evidence of the quality and popularity of the car – reviews about it. Despite the high price of the vehicle and the lack of refueling, motorists are not afraid to buy Tesla, actively exploiting it on our roads. As for the reviews, they are usually positive.

Anatoly, Moscow.

“The road keeps perfectly, the turns pass without problems, the dashboard is convenient and easy to operate. Disadvantages – uncomfortable sitting and adjustment difficulty. In addition, the rear view mirror and the rear window do not give normal visibility of the traffic situation. There is not enough turn signals on the side mirrors. ”

Egor, St. Petersburg.

“It accelerates very quickly. This electric car is just a bomb. Beautiful and modern appearance, unique power, excellent performance, environmental friendliness – the advantages can be listed endlessly. The laptop computer has a huge display, which displays all the necessary information. The charge time is about two hours, the acceleration to “hundreds” – in just 4 seconds “.

Maxim, Moscow.

“The electric car has surpassed all expectations – dynamic, beautiful in appearance, perfectly keeps the road. The only thing that strains – the lack of gas stations and the need to keep the level of charge under control. ”

The result

Tesla cars in Ukraine or in Russia are not as popular as, for example, in the US. But everything needs time. People should get used to new electric cars, and investors – be interested in building new gas stations on the territory of the CIS countries.




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