BMW has updated the BMW coupe 4 series (photo)

BMW coupe 4 series

Details of the restyling BMW coupe 4 series of its two-door model BMW coupe 4 series Bavarian company declassified a few months ago. Now the company decided that it was the right time to present a “live car”. However, the producer did not present any surprises at the premiere. Already there is information on what price in the salons of Russian dealers the new model will be offered to domestic buyers.

If we talk about the main change that took place in the guise of the family, it is the head optics that acquired a new design . Now it is created using LED technology. Along with it, the LED fog lights are already available as standard. And if the future owner is not limited in means, he can order the installation for his BMW coupe 4 series adaptive optics. Note that the LEDs are now present in the rear lights. And if we compare the figure with the lighting equipment, which was installed on the pre-style version of the car, then it has undergone serious changes. " In addition, the bumper figure for the family of the 4 series was slightly modified. In this element of the body there were some interesting trifles. New elements are now present in the bodywork. The designers of the company spent their time working on creating several variations of the wheel disks, which received an updated design. In addition, two exclusive body colors were invented. New trim schemes have now appeared in the interior of this car. You can choose a salon with chrome or black overlays. In addition, for the buyer of the updated model, the manufacturer offers three options for finishing the seats, as well as other innovations.The multimedia system installed in the BMW 4-series 2017 model year now has a new interface. The suspension options that are available in this model are tuned with an emphasis on sportiness. The only thing that the engineers of the company did not change was the line of power units for this model. However, there is no doubt that changes in it will occur, because soon the company should present a charged modification of the BMW M4 CS. Meanwhile, German brand dealers accept orders for civilian versions. In Russia, this car will be available at a minimum price of 2 440 000 rubles. For such money you can get into your possession a compartment with a rear-wheel drive, in which there is an engine with a capacity of 190 “horsies” under the hood.

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