Cars On Solar Energy Car – A Myth Or Reality?

Solar Energy Car

Will oil tycoons allow the introduction of solar energy into mass exploitation? After all, experimental models of such cars already exist and are satisfactorily characterized by all parameters.


SOLAR ENERGY Car: Prospects and broad opportunities for the use of inexhaustible sources of energy have always attracted humanity. After all, even if we take, for example, the amount of energy that the Sun pours out daily to the surface of the Earth and use ten percent of it from it, then this will be enough to cover all the needs of humanity without small. So why not try to apply this in practice?

Solar Energy Car
August 31, 1955, at the exhibition in Chicago, there was the world’s first presentation of a prototype car on solar Energy panels. The experimental model was driven by a small electric motor, powered by selenium photocells.

William Kob, its creator, proudly announced that a few more years will pass and the streets of our cities will flood ecologically clean and economical sunshine that does not spew into the atmosphere an innumerable amount of poison gas and do not use precious oil.

At the dawn of that era, the development of alternative sources of energy and solar batteries went at an accelerated pace, new devices were being created, efficiency was increasing, and it would seem that, indeed, humanity will soon enter a new round of its development.

But the advanced ideas of Koba, the policy of oil tycoons and manufacturers of gasoline engines, was not destined to come true. Soon all projects were closed, funding was discontinued, and the sunlight was quickly forgotten under the onslaught of petrol cars from Ford.

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The greenhouse effect and the ecological problem at that time were of little concern to the people, the number of cars produced was growing indefinitely, as well as the finance of car factory owners and no one was in a hurry to change it.

But already in 20 years, the world scientists have sounded the alarm, and to the consciousness of the social information about the real situation on our planet began to come more and more often.Solar Energy Car Myth

This situation caused the magnates to reconsider their views, and one after another again began to appear projects of cars on solar batteries, but, again, then, to once again replenish the pockets of manufacturers, because it is behind alternative sources the near future including the automotive industry.

Conquer the distance of three thousand kilometers with an average speed of 120 km / h without fuel – this is not a fantasy, it’s reality. This is how much the experimental car on solar Energy has overcome. But when such models appear on our streets and whether this happens – It’s a big question?


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