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The Bavarian company BMW is planning to introduce drastic changes in its development strategy. In the coming years, she will concentrate all efforts on improving the existing range of BMW models. This will be done through the creation of innovative models. A consequence of this will be a pause in the development of the brand “i.”

The company’s management has a clear belief that it is more reasonable to invest in the development of those models that are already present in the company’s lineup. BMW bosses do not want to take risks and engage in the production of unusual cars. In an interview with one of the news agencies, the main person of the concern Harald Kruger said that the manufacturer in the coming years will focus on creating cars in the traditional way. That is, let out “Bavarians” there will be such cars which the profitableness have already proved. In order not to lag behind in the race of electrical technologies in the German company plan to electrify the model line.

According to the head of BMW, the development of electric transport can be considered a real marathon. It is not a sprint race, so the rush in this situation is unreasonable. It was these considerations that guided the chief man in the German company in deciding to postpone until 2021 the release of the next model of the green brand “i”. At the same time, the Bavarians are planning to show an autonomous model, which was called iNext.

At the same time, other automakers do not do the same as BMW, but arrive quite differently. Serious cash they invest in the development of electric vehicles of the original concept. One example is Mercedes-Benz, which plans to spend up to 8 billion euros annually on the development of electric cars. Issue their electric cars premium brand plans under the sub brand EQ. The management of the auto concern has already stated that the plans have already determined the release of at least 10 models. A special platform for serial electric vehicles is planned to be used by Volkswagen. The manufacturer has already announced its intention to produce more than 30 cars that will appear on the market under different brands.

Speaking about the prospects of the electric market, experts say that by 2025, 8% of the automotive market in the world can make sales of electric cars. In quantitative terms this will amount to 7.7 million vehicles per year.

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