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In early May, the head of the Volkswagen company Matthias Müller told reporters that active negotiations are under way volkswagun with large mining corporations on the subject of introducing gas fuel. The new leadership of the German auto concern is trying to hush up a scandal as soon as possible, which was called “dieselgate.”

The release of cars with HBO will reduce overall emissions into the atmosphere and significantly improve the environmental performance of Volkswagen vehicles. For its part, Volkswagen Group is ready to install gas-cylinderequipment directly on the conveyor. However, a number of important questions arise. After all, it is necessary to provide the necessary infrastructure, appropriate refueling with the necessary amount of gas fuel should appear.

It is about the construction of a network of gas stations that VW Group executives started negotiations with such companies as ExxonMobil and GAZPROM. After all, quickly fill the car market of any country with CNG installations will not be difficult. After all, this does not require large costs. But the lack of a sufficient number of gas stations can be the main brake of the project. The energy giants themselves have not yet commented on the details of the talks.

According to Matthias Müller, before the mass transition to electric vehicles, a period is needed when internal combustion engines will be used. At the same time, we should not forget that environmental norms are toughened and conventional gasoline and diesel engines are no longer able to provide high standards.

Advantages of gas engine fuel

In addition to the ecological aspect, gas engine fuel has a number of other advantages. Firstly, this is a lower price. The second important point is the extension of the life of the power unit. As a result, a car with gas can travel 1.5-2 times longer, until the engine is overhauled.

If the first generations of gas equipment could only work with atmospheric gasoline engines. Today even diesel cars can be converted to gas fuel. However, in this case, the working mixture will consist partly of diesel fuel. Since in a diesel engine, there is no ignition system, and ignition in the combustion chamber is due to compression.

In Europe, many automakers already offer from the plant, in addition to traditional gasoline and diesel engines, versions with gas equipment. There such machines are divided into two groups CNG and LPG. That is, liquefied natural gas (propane-butane) and compressed gas (methane). Methane is cheaper at the same time, although more durable gas cylinders capable of maintaining very high pressures are needed to store it.

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