Convertible Mercedes Benz E-class is officially presented

Convertible Mercedes Benz

The modification of the Convertible Mercedes Benz E-Class 2017 in the open version of the cabriolet was presented by the German automaker. A feature of the novelty is the presence of a fabric roof folding type. A significant number of changes engineers and designers have made in the new version of the convertible, which has four seats. It is thanks to them that it seriously differs from the car of the previous generation, and also does not look like the E-class in the sedan and coupe.

Convertible Mercedes Benz

When creating a new cabriolet, the engineers made certain improvements to the bodywork. The main purpose of the work was the preservation of the parameter of the degree of rigidity of the body at the same level as the “yeshka” in the body of the coupe. In the course of the work, engineers in particular increased the number of high-strength steels used in the bodywork. This decision led to the fact that the weight of the car significantly decreased. To reduce the mass of the updated convertible, the company decided to make aluminum panels for the body panels.

The construction of the roof of the new convertible resembles similar components, which are used on cabriolets C and S-classes. The mechanism is manufactured by Magna, which is based in Austria. For the performance of the exercise, the folding of the roof at the gig takes only 20 seconds. And to carry out this manipulation the owner of the car will be able to speed up to 50 km / h.


The manufacturer has already reported the volume of the luggage compartment. It will be 385 liters. This is slightly larger than the car of the previous generation. However, when the roof is in the folded state, the boot space is reduced to 310 liters. In this case, the designers, developing a new generation of the Convertible Mercedes Benz E-Class 2017 gig of the model year, paid special attention to the trunk. He made it so that now in the luggage compartment the owner of the renovated car can easily stack long objects. For example, in a new generation, you can easily put a bag of golf or ski in the trunk. However, such an opportunity to the owner of the car is provided only if the rear seats of the car are free.


With the interior of the sedan is similar to the interior design of the E-class in the body of a cabriolet. When creating an open version, engineers used the same innovations that were installed on the Convertible Mercedes Benz E-Class coupe. For example, in a convertible you can find ventilation deflectors, which have been improved, and besides them special possibilities of salon decoration are offered to potential buyers. The manufacturer offers special types of leather for interior decoration of a convertible. New in the open version in its standard equipment has a multimedia system, which adorns the screen 8.4 inches. As an option, two 12.3-inch monitors are offered.

If we talk about safety in a convertible, then in addition to the airbags, which in the car there are five pieces, in the base of the cabriolet has special beams that are built into the rear of the body. When there is a threat of a coup, they shoot out with pyro-cartridges outside so that if there is a rollover of the cabriolet onto the roof. Thus, due to the beams in the rear of the car, the risk of serious damage to passengers will be ruled out. And in addition to this they will have a certain living space.

The first months of cabriolet sales cars will be offered with engines that many know by the E-Class sedan. In the line there will be an aggregate with a capacity of 184 hp, which is present as a power plant in the E200. Another unit, which will be available for the convertible – engine with a capacity of 245 “horses”. Its manufacturer sets the E300. Will get to the open E-class and power plant from the E400, which develops 333 hp. Together with it, the E-class in the open version will receive the all-wheel drive system. The diesel version of the cabriolet will have a 194 hp engine, which is installed on the E220 D sedan. All units will operate from 9th century. “Automatic”.

Besides the open top, the manufacturer will offer three variants of suspension. For the Mercedes E-class cabriolet, standard and adaptive will be available, and besides them also a pneumatic suspension. With the coupe, the updated convertible combines the fact that the ground clearance will be the same for him. That is, 15 mm less than the sedan.

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