Declassified charged version of the AMG coupe C class


AMG coupe C class
AMG coupe C class

AMG coupe C class recently revealed information about its next novelty. AMG coupe C class modification of the coupe, which will be very compact in size. The sports car stands out with its powerful power plant, in which the petrol motor Biturbo-V8 appears in it. The manufacturer for this car will offer it in two variations of power.

In addition, the novelty will have a new suspension, on which the engineers of the company worked seriously. The body was seriously strengthened. And in terms of its dynamic characteristics, this model surpasses the sedan, which has a similar motor under its hood.

From the standard Mercedes coupe this version of the car, created by AMG specialists, has serious differences. One of them is the suspension. Working on the creation of a new car, AMG coupe C class specialists subjected it to a serious revision. The scheme of its device did not begin to be changed. However, serious work was done on the angles of fastening the wheels. In addition to this modernization, some small details were subjected. Also, individual elements of the chassis of the car were improved. In the course of work, the specialists of the studio also increased the gauge of the car.

Due to all these changes had to make improvements and in the body of the car. Only the doors, and apart from this, the roof is similar to the standard and “charged” coupe. Another common element in them is the trunk lid. In addition, the novelty also acquired a number of aerodynamic elements, thanks to which its appearance became more aggressive.

Changes were made to the interior of the new car. There are sports seats. In addition, there is a steering wheel, which is truncated from below. For AMG-modification of this car as a power plant, the manufacturer installed under the hood unit in the configuration V8. The working volume of the engine is 4 liters. The engine has a double turbocharger, due to which its power is 467 hp. In version S under the hood will be located a more powerful version of the engine with a power of 510 hp. Both engines can work in conjunction with a 7-speed automatic.

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The car will also be equipped with a rear differential with the possibility of locking it. There is already information about the dynamic characteristics of the sports coupe from German engineers. Before the “hundred” less powerful version of the novelty accelerates in 4 seconds. To perform the same exercise, the coupe in the modification of S is required one tenth less. The maximum speed limiter for both versions of the sports coupe is located at 250 km / h. However, in the case of the S-version there is one nuance. If desired, the owner can move the limiter to a mark of 290 km / h. From the options for the coupe is available and adaptive suspension AMG coupe C class Ride Control.

Another interesting option of this car is the exhaust system with the possibility of adjustment. In addition, the car received a stabilization system. It has a special setting. If you want, you can turn it off. In addition, the novelty is equipped with powerful brakes. The live premiere of this sport coupe is due in September in the frames of the Frankfurt Motor Show. The manufacturer plans to sell the novelty in the spring of 2016.

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