Dimensions of Peugeot 408 interior photo and characteristics


Peugeot 408
Peugeot 408

The Dimensions of Peugeot 408 are the main trump card among competitors. The volume of the trunk and clearance Peugeot 408 can please any summer resident or practical person.

In general, the French seriously approached the adaptation of Peugeot 408 to the Russian market by making an impenetrable suspension or powerful stove for heating the salon , eg. However, there is a spoon of tar in all this. A huge in the volume of the trunk is very uncomfortable loading aperture, through which it is difficult to load bulk items. But all this is compensated by the large size of the cabin, where 5 healthy men or women can fit in comfort.

We offer several photos of the Peugeot 408 .

Peugeot 408 Interior
Peugeot 408 Interior
Peugeot 408 Dashboard
Peugeot 408 Dashboard


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The most interesting thing is that the rear passengers of the Peugeot 408 will generally feel that they are in the business class, since the distance to the front seats is huge. In addition, the high ceiling makes the space above the ready quite impressive. Add to this a large doorway, through which it is convenient to enter the people of any complexion, and get the ideal car for the average Russian family. All this became possible thanks to the large wheelbase (2,717 mm), which no longer corresponds to the C-class car, but to the machines from the D-segment.

Photo of the trunk of the Peugeot 408 which is more inside than it seems from the outside.

Peugeot 408 Trunk
Peugeot 408 Trunk

Competitors on the size of the trunk at Peugeot 408 is not at all. 560 liters of volume, taking into account the fact that under the floor still fits a full-size reserve, which occupies quite a lot of space. Here is such a wonderful sedan turned out.

Clearance Peugeot 408 characteristics deserves a separate discussion. Many automakers indicate a fairly large clearance, but armed with a conventional tape measure, you will understand that you are deceived and in fact the ground clearance is more. However, in the case of the Peugeot 408, the situation is reversed. Officially, the ride height is 175 mm, but in fact you can easily measure 18 centimeters under the lowest point. That is, in Peugeot 408 ground clearance is more than many crossovers. Ideal option for trips to the country, on country roads, while not overpaying.

  • Length – 4703 mm
  • Width – 1815 mm
  • The height is 1505 mm
  • The equipped weight / gross weight – 1398/1800 kg
  • Base, the distance between the front and rear axle is 2717 mm
  • The volume of the trunk – 560 liters
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 60 liters
  • The size of the tires – 215/55 R16 or 215/50 R17
  • Peugeot ground clearance 408 – 175 mm (with discs R17 clearance already 178 mm)

Summing up, it can be noted that the Peugeot 408 sedan in its dimensions simply has no competitors in the Russian car market. And an economical diesel engine makes the car ideal for practical people who need a large, inexpensive and reliable car. If you consider that the car is collected from us in the Kaluga region, then the purchase of Peugeot 408, against the backdrop of international tension, is also patriotic.

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