Even the second hand BMW 3 sedan is a great car


second hand BMW 3

The most popular Second hand BMW 3 in sales statistics is the 3 series of BMW sedans. And there is nothing surprising here. “Treshka” and maneuverable, and stylish, and powerful. Taking on a used car in 2004 g.v. With the engine capacity of 2.2 liters and 170 hp (E46 body), you can be sure that this is a great choice.

This model includes: automatic transmission, ABS, ESP, electroplate, climate control, On-board computer, leather interior, multi-wheel with audio adjustment, on-board and cruise control, rear parking sensors, 17 castings, etc. The exterior is traditional in the style of BMW, you will not be confused with another brand, graceful lines of the body emphasize its pedigree.

Many are afraid to buy used cars, but you need to remember that this is a premium car. Buy BMW new heavily financially. Now search of spare parts and accessories does not cause difficulties. There are always original used original parts for various BMW models. So, if your favorite car has broken, despite the legendary reliability, then you can always repair it.

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Moving to the salon to the driver’s seat and plunging into a leather armchair (running in front of me to say that the seats with great lateral support) adjust all the adjustments for myself and, and I caught myself thinking that I’m at home in a leather chair in front of the TV . By energy: everything is thoughtful and is located exactly where it should be, although the buttons of the power windows are near the ACT lever, this part requires accustoming. Pleases a lot of niches for every little thing in the armrest, and in the backs of the front seats, and in the doors.

second hand BMW 3 Interior
second hand BMW 3 Interior

The rear sofa is designed only for two passengers, the third will be superfluous. Very pleased with the trunk of its volume, there are no hinges of the trunk lid, which eat up valuable space, and on the inside of the lid there is a glove compartment for the instrument, a very thoughtful nuance. Plus, in the trunk fit a full-size reserve and a fuel tank the size of as much as 63 liters.

We insert the key into the ignition and a nice roar of the motor is added to the impressive dynamics. The handling of the car is excellent, and indeed the other one and you do not expect from BMW. The brakes respond adequately to the pedal. The suspension is harsh, but this payment for excellent handling without any significant rolls in the corners. Hmm, I like the pleasant roar of the motor. To “noise” does not find fault, as well as sounding of an audio system 6 columns qualitatively perfect the sound.

I did not like it. The glove box would like a little bit more and preferably separate: under A4 sheet and under everything else. Clearance of course is not enough, taking into account the quality of our roads, as well as with the Mazda 6 you will sneak over the bumps and carefully move the recumbent “policemen.”

Conclusion. Well, what can I say for the BMW 3 Series, of course I liked it, the car is mostly perfect. If you are not afraid of the cost of service, High ratings of hijackings, low clearance, then take it will not regret, because The pleasure that brings while driving BMW eliminates all the disadvantages.

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