The family class is Toyota Noah or Toyota Estima

Toyota Noah or Toyota Estima
Toyota Noah or Toyota Estima

There are quite a few cars on our market that are not officially supplied to the country. Toyota Estima Gray dealers or simply citizens go for cars abroad and there they get quite interesting cars. Toyota Noah and Toyota Estima models are one of these cars. These are minivans that enjoy a good demand in our market. Cars are mostly preferred by family drivers, for which a minivan is a necessity.

Today we’ll talk about both cars. By the way, Russians are not at all embarrassed that cars are not officially supplied and have a right-hand drive. The advantages of owning such machines outweigh all the shortcomings and complexities. In fact, there are no alternatives on our market. And there are no problems with spare parts for models. You can always go to the portal CarKysha and pick up any original new or used parts for the repair of these machines. Spare parts for Toyota Noah and Estima is not a deficit.

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Toyota Noah replaced the old generation of Toyota passenger minibuses in 2001. The new minivans received a sporty look. The rear drive is replaced by the front, which made the car lower. Along with a broader base, the low center of gravity had a positive impact on the stability of the car.

As before, Noah can accommodate up to 8 people according to the scheme 2-3-3. There are complete sets with special pivoting chairs, facilitating a landing in the salon. Noah is completed only with a straight-ahead 4-cylinder engine in volume of 2 liters. You can choose a modification with either front or all-wheel drive.

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The next generation Noah, which appeared in 2004, was radically different from its predecessor. The body moved a small restyling of the main elements, the classic machine was replaced by a variator. Today, the market can find more recent models, even in the secondary market.

Toyota Estima – the flagship in the line of Toyota minivans. All the most daring finds, the richest ideas are embodied first of all in Estima. The design of the model is impressive and falls in love at first sight.


This car is equipped with engines of 2.4 and 3 liters, there is also a modification with a hybrid engine – gasoline + electric power plant. Gasoline versions are equipped with front or all-wheel drive. Along with the conventional automaton, there are modifications with a variator.

The main highlight of Estima remains the original appearance: an elongated rounded silhouette with a wide windshield, slanting front lights. The rear doors move along the body. The salon is found with a variety of seating arrangements. You can find a complete set with a fully transformable interior.

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