The Future of The World Automotive Industry Audi A2 Concept


Audi A2 concept
Audi A2 concept

The concept cars of the world’s production giants are increasingly falling onto the conveyor belt. Audi A2 concept The speed of innovation is startling. Many manufacturers are involved in the struggle for the future of the automobile industry. Their contribution was decided to bring the Germans from the concern of Audi. At one of the exhibitions a model of compact auto near future was demonstrated – Audi A2 concept.

A small electric car with modest dimensions got a spacious salon allowing comfortable seating for four passengers. It was the interior of the car that became the most unusual. The doors of the Audi A2 concept Interior on the inside are covered with polyurethane material, manufactured using innovative technologies. Tactile sensation when touched resembles a touch of micro porous rubber.

Audi A2 concept  Interior
Audi A2 concept Interior

The material, which is a recycled polyester, covers the central part of the floor of the car Audi A2 Concept. The plastic, which was cast under pressure, was used for the manufacture of carcasses of seats. The front panel carries inserts made of aluminum, placing accents and completing the visual picture.

Modern production and service technologies can not do without silicone. Unique material is currently used in various fields. It will be interesting for motorists to learn about the properties of silicone grease here where you will find a detailed story about a unique lubricant.

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Externally, the Audi A2 may seem pretty boring and usual. However, one movement of the hand (pressing the button) – and a dark roof made of glass, a white car turns into a transparent one. LED headlight technology concept Audi A2 received the name Matrix beam. Millions of LED’s can change their operating mode depending on the time of day and the intensity of the headlamp headlamp.

Audi A2 concept  Front View
Audi A2 concept Front View

As for the overall dimensions of the Audi A2 concept, it’s a very modest performance. The length of the body is 3.8 meters. The width is 1.69 meters, and the height is 14900 mm. But thanks to the ergonomics of the cabin, the thin seats flat floor, the passengers will feel comfortable. There is still room for the trunk.

It is not clear yet which power plant will be used by Audi. Electromotive will most likely rotate the front wheels. And modern lithium-ion batteries will be placed under the floor of the concept. Probably, as a generator, a small traditional small-volume motor can appear. The total mileage with a full charge will be more than 200 kilometers, which is quite a decent indicator for urban conditions. Considering that the average city resident travels less than 50 kilometers per day.

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