The history of the automobile company BMW (BMW)|volkswagun

April 29, 2017

Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) – is the name given to the factory engaged in aircraft engines, founded in Munich in 1917 by Gustav Otto and Karl Rapp. Orders for aircraft engines was enough, the reason for that was the First World War.

At the end of the war, BMW was on the verge of extinction, as the interdiction relating to aircraft engines. Therefore, the company starts to deal with cars. The first machines did not differ outstanding performance. They could be called simple in design and quite affordable. All was quiet until the BMW 328 – which has become the most successful car category “sports”. It was with her and formed an ideology, which now adheres to the company – “The car – the driver.” The direct competitor of “Mercedes-Benz” is trying to prove that “the car – for passengers.”

The Second World War forced again to switch to airplane engines, and with the end of the war again on the brink, because the plants destroyed and the new ban is in effect. Again, all with zero and again all possible. However, too much passion for limousines served as yet another ruin, the company almost bought “Mercedes-Benz”. But the forces of small investors and workers could start all over again.

Three times since first today in the minds of every BMW is synonymous with safety, comfort, modernity and quality.

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