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January 6, 2017

For many decades, the automotive brand BMW generations models were produced, which are divided into three main groups. Most of the cars belong to the third series. The remainder being expensive models that are released in small quantities in our country is not particularly widespread.

BMW 3 series were first released in 1975 and had the designation E 21. The car features large single headlights and turning indicators have been arranged vertically. There were instances in which were provided and twin headlights. The main feature is considered to be the fact that this model was produced exclusively for the two-door version. Originally, the car was equipped with a 4 or 5-speed manual transmission. And in 1977 to replace the 4-cylinder six-cylinder models come.

E family of 30 was released in 1982. The body of the new model has a more smooth shape compared to the previous release. From now on all models installed twin round headlamps and direction indicators are integrated in the bumper. Default Transmission had four stages. On request can be installed 5-speed manual or automatic transmission.

Cars that were issued to the 1980s, had much in common with the previous models. High demand for the products of the group contributed to the annual appearance of new products that were improved with each release. Since 1983, in addition to the two door began to produce more and four door sedans, and four years later made possible the purchase of such a vehicle. A nice bonus was the fact that the car was mounted engine, which requires the customer.

To date, the BMW 3-series cars are the most widespread of the Bavarian concern. Released millions of machines in this series. In the secondary market can be found in almost any modification, even a very “old” age. After all, BMW are of high quality and reliability of their machines.

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