Hyundai will begin to equip its models with a voice assistant


Hyundai will begin to equip its models with a voice assistant

14 Apr 2017

The author of the photo: the manufacturer
Representatives of the company Hyundai at a motor show in New York City announced that they had been working on a motor show in New York.
That since 2018 all new models of the company will be equipped with a voice assistant that will work in tandem with Google Assistant

Using a smartphone and a special application, the owner of the car will be able to distance himself Start the engine, lock / unlock the doors, turn on the lights or the audio system, add a new route to the navigation system.

The system, called Blue Link Agent, is activated either by the button on the rear-view mirror Or in a special application. Some functions can be controlled using smart watches based on Android Wear or Apple Watch.

Hyundai will offer a free subscription to the Blue Link Agent, which will operate for three years. Then, apparently, the system will be available on a paid subscription.

At the beginning, Blue Link Agent will receive a hybrid Ironic, then, Elantra GT, Santa Fe, and Sonata.

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