Introduction of Elevator The BMW Gran Turismo 6th series


The five-door “six” replaced the “five” Gran Turismo. The change in the index was marked by an increase in the size of the car, making it now more practical than the 5-Series wagon.

BMW Gran Turismo
BMW Gran Turismo Rear

If the volume of the trunk BMW 5 Series station wagon varies from 570 to 1700 liters, then in the “hold” of the new “six” Gran Turismo climbs from 610 to 1800 liters of luggage – an excellent choice for traveling the whole family! The station wagon, however, many will find it more elegant, because the big Bavarian liftback still looks a bit heavy. The developers tried to smooth out the effect of heaviness by lowering the roof by 21 mm and displacing the upper point of the roof arc closer to the center, but from some angles the “six” Gran Turismo still looks a bit disproportionate

Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo Front

To practicality, too, there are a couple of questions, fortunately, uncritical. First, frame less glasses hardly in this case add the car of elegance, they could be replaced with more convenient, traditional. Secondly, the two-section luggage compartment door. Which was considered one of the five-series lift-back bricks, was sunk into oblivion. A small “wicket” allowed keeping warmth in the cabin when loading things in cold weather.

Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo Interior

Otherwise, wherever you look – solid pluses: a huge “seven-wheel” wheelbase (3070 mm) guarantees space in the back seat. Modular platform CLAR allowed to reduce the curb weight of the new elevator in comparison with the predecessor by 115-150 kg, depending on the modification. The coefficient of aerodynamic drag from x was reduced from 0.29 to 0.25. Which means that fuel consumption and noise level at high speeds will be less.

Liftback is equipped by default with a rear self-leveling load suspension, for a surcharge, pneumatic springs are also available on the front axle. Also in the form of an option, you can order adaptive shock absorbers, a steering gear with variable gear and a sports M suspension.

In Europe, sales of the BMW Gran Turismo  6th Series will begin in November, in USA a new elevator, Will appear before the end of this year. At first, three modifications will be available: gasoline 630i Gran Turismo (2,0 l, 258 hp), 640i Gran Turismo (3,0 l, 340 hp) and diesel 630d Gran Turismo (3,0 l , 265 hp). In combination with 3.0-liter motors. You can order the x Drive all-wheel drive system. The gearbox in all cases is one – an 8-speed hydro mechanical automatic machine.

A new Bavarian elevator is not a hit in our country – this type of body is in premium -segment, many Russians consider a misunderstanding (sedan and only sedan!). The predecessor was removed from sales last year, so as not to bother with certification under ERA-GLONASS.

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  • In May, BMW Gran Turismo introduced Competition of elegance Villa d’Este coupe 8-th series which will replace the two-door “six”.
  • Also in May it became known that the new BMW M 5 will receive the all-wheel drive system. The premiere of the sport sedan is expected in the autumn.


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