Japanese minibuses Nissan Serena or Honda Stepwagon

Nissan Serena
Nissan Serena

For a Long time Serena had practically no competitors. But the tall, “square” body chosen for this model quickly gained popularity. The vast majority of modern Japanese minibuses are produced with this body.

The Nissan Serena traditionally features a spacious 8-seater saloon with three rows of seats. The new generation is distinguished by increased salon capabilities for transformation. The simple addition of a seat moving between the first and second rows has opened a truly untamed field for experiments. For the first time, we got a retractable driver’s seat and a spare wheel under the front passenger seat.The range of used engines has practically not changed. Still used a two-liter motor, supported by a variety. The car is found in all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive versions. Depending on the market, the configuration of the power unit can be changed to fully satisfy the demand of buyers in a particular country.

The minivan is one of the most practical modes of transport due to the large interior space. Good capacity with a relatively compact size will make it possible to use this type of transport in completely different areas of our life. Some turn small buses into separate apartments with all amenities. But most of all went to Ukraine, where the original project appeared  Pati Bas Kiev. That is, a party on wheels inside the bus, which still moves. The usual fun is not limited to buses spend holidays and even weddings!

Honda Stepwagon – another high minivan with an 8-seat saloon in our collection. The body of the new generation of Stepwagon turned out to be shorter and lower. For urban driving, the turning radius was reduced to 3.5 meters.


The engine was also changed, instead of the standard in-line engine, now under the hood the engine of the “compact” series. Unlike the closest pursuers, Nissan Serena and Toyota Noah Stepwagon is equipped with engines of 2 and 2.4 liters. On the 2-liter car, with front or all-wheel drive, there is a 4-speed “automatic”. In the modification with the 2.4-liter engine – variator or 5-speed automatic, depending on the type of drive.

Similar minibuses have become an excellent platform for the application of new hybrid powerplants. After all, there are quite a lot of places for placing huge electric batteries in the construction of such machines. The Japanese are already transplanted to electric and fully hybrid minivans. After a large vehicle can significantly reduce emissions to the atmosphere.

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