Kia Stinger will start shipping to Russia by the end of 2017


Kia Stinger

Kia Stinger :Kia’s Korean company brought its novelty Kia Stinger to Europe. The new car has an extravagant appearance. Fastbank Stinger for the company has become a new image model. Already, a new model of the company is called “cheap Panamera”. At the moment it is known that the Korean manufacturer plans to offer it on the Russian market.

Kia Stinger image

The Kia Stinger was shown in the past Geneva Motor Show. In the US, the world premiere of the new model has already taken place. Recently it turned out that Russian car owners will be able to become owners of this model, since the automaker plans to sell the novelty in the Russian market. While there is no information about when this model will appear on the Russian market. It is worth to focus on the end of this year.

Already now we can confidently say that this model is unlikely to be affordable in terms of price. But taking into account the fact that in relation to our market the Korean automaker shows restrained pricing methods, there can be no doubt that Stinger will have great prospects when it becomes available in the domestic car market.

At the moment the company is preparing for the tests of the new model, which will be held in Russia. The manufacturer will check the novelty in the road conditions of our country far from other people’s eyes.

Kia Stinger Interior

It is worth noting that sportiness is far from being ostentatious in the novelty. In the US market, as well as in the Old World, the manufacturer will offer Stinger with two engines. The first motor has a working volume of two liters. The unit is equipped with a turbine and in the state at work to develop a power of 255 hp. And 353 Nm.

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Second motor in the line is the engine in the V6 configuration, which has a working volume of 3.3 liters. It produces 370 hp. And 510 Nm. It was thanks to him that “Stinger” got the title of the most high-speed car in the history of the Korean automaker. The door in 100 km / h the novelty overcomes for 5,1 seconds. A mark of 270 km / h is limited to the maximum speed of the car. This indicator is not bad for the brand, which became known in our country thanks to Solaris and Rio with their weak motors.

Manufacturer has already informed that the novelty will fall on the European market not only with two petrol units in the line, but also with a diesel engine under the hood. It is possible that the diesel modification of fastback will appear on the Russian market. To ensure that the status of the sports car in the new model did not decrease, the manufacturer will add to the range of units a decent diesel engine. The engine will have a working volume of 2.2 liters, and at work give out a power of 200 hp. And 440 Nm of torque.

Kia Stinger in the diesel version will be equipped with an 8-speed automatic. A bunch of such units will provide a diesel version of the “Stinger” acceleration to “hundreds” in 8.5 seconds. At a speed of 225 km / h, its maximum speed will be limited. In addition, the car in this version will have an all-wheel drive system, which potential buyers will be offered as an option.

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