Known price for the new Kia Soul (photo) 2017 model

Kia Soul
Kia Soul Exterior

One of the most popular models of the Korean auto concern in our country is Kia Soul. Recently, the manufacturer updated it. There is information that the updated “Soul” of the 2016 model year is already in the factory in Kaliningrad, where it is being manufactured.

The producer, too, did not hesitate to provide detailed information on trim levels and prices. And recently it was published. It became known that the updated crossover manufacturer will offer in eight trim levels. The minimum price of Kia Soul 2016 is $14k .

During the renovation of Kia Soul, the manufacturer introduced cardinal changes into the model. In the engine range, the 1.6 liter unit did not lose its position. But the diesel with the capacity of 128 “horses”, which was previously part of the line of units for this model was replaced by another gasoline unit of greater power. The new engine belongs to the Gamma family with direct fuel injection. Technical data of this unit are available. When working, it produces 132 hp. However, for such an indicator as the amount of torque, it is seriously inferior to the diesel engine – 161 Nm versus 260. Its manufacturer will install in conjunction with the “automatic”. Diesel by the way, too. But a less powerful unit can be supplemented not only with automatic transmission, but also with “mechanics.”

Photo of the new Kia Soul 2017


Kia Soul rear
Kia Soul rear

If we talk about other changes that the manufacturer has implemented in the Kia Soul 2017 model year, we will note the ground clearance. The manufacturer increased it by 10 mm. In the salon, the main change is the multimedia system of the new generation.

Photo of the new Kia Soul Salon 2017


Kia Soul Interior
Kia Soul Interior
Kia Soul Dashboard
Kia Soul Dashboard

The basic for the new Soul is the Classic package. The manufacturer equips it with mechanics. A price tag for it is set at $14K. To be able to use the machine while driving a potential owner will have to pay an additional 50 thousand rubles. Already in the basic configuration, the manufacturer equipped its model with the package “Warm options”. It includes not only the heated seat of the driver and front passenger, but the windshield. Also this package includes the heating of the side mirrors. The latter are also equipped with an electric drive.

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The richer equipment is offered in the mid-range Kia Soul Comfort. But the cost in comparison with the base will be slightly higher. Buy the model in this package in dealers’ salons will be possible, having paid 879 900 rubles. For such money, a car with a “mechanics” is offered. The car equipped with the “automatic”, will cost more. To the options that are available in the database in this version of Saul added fog. In the cabin the manufacturer installs side airbags. In addition to them, the car has curtain airbags. In addition, the car’s steering wheel has leather trim. In addition to all of the above, the model in this configuration is equipped with a locking system that becomes active when driving. The novelty is completed with disks in the dimension of 16 inches.

Kia Soul 2017 Luxe is equipped with a new gasoline unit GDI with a working volume of 1.6 liters. However, it is available only in the version of the car with the “automatic”. With the old motor version available with the “manual”. If we talk about prices, the version with the “automatic” will cost a potential buyer in 919,900 rubles. A slightly cheaper car will be equipped with a “mechanics”. In equipping the car in this configuration will include optics on lenses and navigation lights on LEDs. Another model will be equipped with an air conditioner and a rear view camera. Among the options you can find a light sensor. And besides this, there is an advanced multimedia system.

With the engines included in the Gamma family, the manufacturer will offer a version of the model in the “Prestige” and “Premium” complete sets. For them, only an automaton will be available. For the right to own a car in the Prestige package, you will have to pay $18K . Its equipment includes cruise control, climate control. In addition, it is equipped with parking sensors. Also, such a crossover has a car access system without a key. On the roof of the car in this configuration are railing. $19.5K will cost Soul in the most luxurious package. In addition to the above options, it will have a panoramic roof, equipped with an electric drive. Also in its equipment will include xenon headlights. Their main feature is that they are adjusted by the angle of inclination in automatic mode.

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