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LADA Vesta Рthe new Russian sedan, which in a short time became very popular. There are several reasons for the success of the domestic model. And recently to everything else there was one more reason to buy a car. Now under the hood of the car you can find a more powerful 1.8 liter engine with 122 hp

Truth is that the new equipment proved to be a real deficit. After all, to dealers 1.8-liter Vesta began to arrive only at the end of the year. In Moscow, you can buy lada vesta 1.8 from an authorized dealer in the Salon “Autonomy” . If most dealers only promise to bring a car, then the “Lada Autonomy” powerful sedan is available in stock. In doing so, you can choose from several popular colors and trim levels.

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We remind you that while “Avtovaz” produces West with 122 strong motors in combination with a robotic box automatic. In the near future, a version with a mechanical transmission will appear on the conveyor. Modification on the mechanics may and will not please the convenience of the machine, but according to the dynamic characteristics, the combination of 1.8 + 5MKPP will be the best of all that Lada produced in the whole history. Acceleration to a hundred will be only 10 seconds! Naturally, that would be the first to be among the lucky owners of a dynamic sedan, it is desirable to leave a preliminary application with the official dealer of the “Lada of Autonomy”. It’s no secret that Avtovaz first of all provides its new products only to major dealers.

If you do not need a powerful 122-hp power unit, and for a quiet ride you will have enough 1.6 liters of atmospheres issuing 106 horses, then this is the reason to contact the dealer. In the warehouses of the dealer “Lada Autonomy”, there are quite a few Vesta 1.6 assembled in 2016. On such models, the dealer has just incredible discounts. Unfortunately, such machines are very quickly dismantled, so it’s worth hurrying.

Sedan with a rigid body, reliable engine, great design and spacious interior continues to gain popularity. But the manufacturer is not going to stop there. Most likely this year, the sports version of Vesta with a capacity of 150 hp will enter the market. For lovers of summer cottages and just practical people, a real gift will be the appearance of the Lada Vesta in the body of the station wagon. And for fans of adventure and travel on the basis of the station wagon will be released Vesta Cross with a protective plastic kit and increased ground clearance.

Domestic model Vesta already in the basic version has a huge number of options that foreign competitors offer only in top-end trim levels. In terms of the quality level, the novelty of our car industry is not much inferior to the same Koreans, but at the price of competitors Vest does not have.

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