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Lada Vesta


Official sales of Lada Vesta have already begun in Germany. The other day it became known that in the near future this model of the Russian automaker will begin to be sold in Hungary as well.

Local motorists will be offered this model with a 1.6-liter motor that can develop the power of 106 “Horses”. For this engine will be offered “mechanics” or you can choose “robot”. The price tag for the most inexpensive “Vesta” in the market of this country is set at 2,999,000 forints.

Complete set of Vesta Luxe among all model completions that will be available in the Hungarian market will be the most expensive. In its equipment there is a “robot”, as a checkpoint.The Russian automaker, preparing this model for the European market, carried out measures to refine it, so that it would meet the standards in force in the EU. Changes were made to the motor. Engineers of the Russian auto giant held them mainly to ensure that the power plant “Vesta” met the standard “Euro-6”.

Inside the car, changes were made to the finish. The materials used to decorate the West salon for the Russian market have been replaced by the corresponding standards in force in Hungary. Also, Freon was changed in the air conditioner, and some elements of the electrician were also changed. Besides this, several lighting positions were created for the car. On Lada Vesta, offered on the Russian market, these changes can be seen shortly at the Lada Vesta wagon .

Lada Vesta
Lada Vesta wagon

So, in cars that will be offered in Hungary, the interior will have a lighting device for the rear passengers. In addition, in the “West” will install a daylight devices. Another new option will be the presence of pressure sensors in the tires. Note that for machines oriented to the Russian market, this feature is not offered as an element of equipment.

It is worth recalling that the “Vesta” sold on the German market has a minimum price tag of 12,490 euros. The car is equipped with this price tag includes air conditioning, as well as alloy wheels 16 inches. In addition to this, there are light and rain sensors in the list of options. The potential owners of new cars from among the citizens of Hungary, of course, will be pleased with the availability of cruise control equipment in equipping the car. In the cabin, buyers of this model will be able to detect the audio system. Interior decoration is a multi functional steering wheel. A perfect addition to all of the listed options is the patronymic.

Lada Vesta
Lada Vesta wagon Interior

Another of the changes that will appear in the export Lada Vesta, which will be offered in Hungary, we note the presence in the cabin of side airbags. Note that in cars sold in the dealerships of Russian dealers, they are also present, but they can be found only on the “Vesta” in the Luxe package. In addition, in the equipping of machines for Hungary there will be such a new option as tire pressure sensors. Note that this option is mandatory for machines sold in the EU.

At a price of 13,493 euros, Vesta will be offered as a Luxe package in Germany. In terms of rubles, its price tag is quite a decent amount. This car in its equipment has climate control, and is also equipped with a heated windshield and has a multimedia system in the cabin, which adorns the screen with a diagonal of 7 inches. Also, the owner of the new car will be able to detect in the cabin navigation and a rear-view camera. Vesta in this configuration is equipped with a “robot”.

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