The legendary car VAZ 2107 Lada Granta

Lada Granta
Lada Granta

The legendary VAZ – 2107 was removed from production 30 years after the first assembly. Lada Granta In 2012. The Izhevsk Automobile Plant (called “IzhAvto”) announced the discontinuation of production of the “seven” – model LADA 2107.

In other words, the legend of the Russian car industry was sent to a well-deserved pension. “We act according to our plan. Demand for the “07” model fell sharply. It’s time for her to say goodbye finally, “said Igor Burenkov. Representative of the automobile plant (based on the materials of RBC Daily).

The VAZ – 2107 car first appeared on the market in 1982, and recently it remained one of the most famous models in the CIS. During the action of the program for the utilization of motor vehicles, sales of VAZ 7-series cars reached up to 20 thousand copies.

But in 2010, demand fell significantly, in connection with which the company “IzhAvto” and decided to stop the assembly at the Izhevsk Automobile Plant. Where the assembly was transferred from Togliatti in May 2011.

Until 2012, VAZ-2107 was also produced in Ukraine (ZAZ, KrAZ and LiAZ). The fifth series of cars disappeared even earlier. From March to April 2011, the IzhAvto plant produced only 42 thousand “sevens.”

According to the ABE (European Business Association), for the whole of 2011, 113 thousand cars were sold. January – March 2012 showed that demand for this model fell by about 75%.

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As a result of the cessation of the serial production of most of the “classic” models of LADA cars (in particular, the VAZ-2107), the Russian car manufacturer seriously lost its position in Ukraine. Koreans from Hyundai immediately took up the vacant niche.

The new model of the car “Lada Granta“, released on the car market in 2012, should help restore the first positions in the markets of the post-Soviet space “AvtoVAZ”. Calculation of the domestic giant was justified and Lada Granta for several years in a row maintained the lead in sales among all cars.

The most interesting thing is that the “classic” VAZ 2107 is still quite in demand, but already on the secondary market. The reason for success in proven design, and cheap spare parts. After all, to buy racks for a vase other details is not difficult. In addition to the original components. You can always purchase spare parts with improved characteristics.

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