Mazda Kai: Spectacular and Diabolically Effective

Mazda Kai

Mazda Kai, Mazda Motor Corporation – the company is small even by the standards of Japan. And the most provincial – further Hiroshima on the automobile horizon is just turned upside down Australia. Nevertheless, at the Tokyo Motor Show, the exposition of the brand became a continuous show-stopper. “All the cars exhibited here are united by one common motto: Celebrate Driving – Mazamati Kogai, the head of the Mazda exhibition, presented the exposition. “Our stand this year marks the beginning of a new era for the brand.”

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It’s hard for us to say anything about the drive because the Tokyo Auto Show is a show of off-screen televisions, there are no grounds near it where you can try out new items in action. But those who still managed to look away from the coupe-sedan Vision Coupe finally magnetized to the place of hatch Kai. But this is not a futuristic dream car but without five minutes the “three” of the fourth series. Of course, officially it is listed as the next-generation product concept model, but Kogai-san publicly promised that “on the way to the Kai pipeline, if it changes, then quite a bit.”

Mazda Kai Concept Car
TOKYO, JAPAN – OCTOBER 25: Mazda Motor Co CEO Masamichi Kogai poses with Mazda Kai Concept during a press conference at the Mazda Motor Co booth during the Tokyo Motor Show at Tokyo Big Sight on October 25, 2017, in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Koki Nagahama/Getty Images for Mazda Motor Co) *** Local Caption *** Masamichi Kogai

And we have no reason not to believe the followers of Jujiro Matsuda. Hiroshima cars are in many ways similar to concept cars. Because designers are accustomed to such futuristic products, they rely on their own style of “Kodo – the soul of movement”, combining smooth lines, expressive “look” of optics and muscular forms. Nothing more understandable for gaijin in 70 years, no other Japanese brand has come up with.

Run through the eyes of the contours of Kai: with the proportions similar to the current “three”, they are much cleaner in stylistics – now there is the very minimum of punching and facets, and the emphasis is on the play of shadows and light. Everything is so holistic and plastic that it seems like the volumes flow one into the other – as if the “pioneer” is cast from red gold or rhodium. It seems that it is this kind of – naturally flowing – and there will be a new corporate style.

Mazda kai Vision Coupe
If Kai is a “pioneer”, then VisionCoupe is a “harbinger”, showing us what the style of “Mazda” of the near future will be. First, without faces, and secondly – very aerodynamically. It would ideally fit a rotary engine and a label like Xedos 9, Eunos 800 or Cosmo Sport.

At the same time, evaluate how much more Latin drama became in appearance. Depending on the angle Kai can look both strictly, and elegantly, and sportingly, and even aggressively. Here and the carnivorous squint of the head optics, and the bestial grin of the radiator grille. Because of the aerodynamic diffuser, sports exhaust system and hypertrophied arches, barely fit 20-inch “advance” like, from the stern of Kai, in general, can be taken for a car WTCC. The sharply reduced area of the glazing turned the windows into a kind of fortress loopholes. But the top of the architecture is the rear stand, despite the massiveness that looks so lean as if it were not a 5-door hatch from Hiroshima but a mid-engine compartment born somewhere in the vicinity of Modena.

Mazda Kai Top View

According to Kogai-san, the developers of the salon had the task of “a natural atmosphere, softly embracing the driver and passengers.” The interior workers also refused the complex forms and cut off all unnecessary, recreating the cockpit of the very first “matryoshka” – a hatchback in 1977.

Here, straight lines and simple geometric shapes also dominate: the instrument panel is really rectangular, the steering wheel is perfectly round, without truncation and tides.

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At the same time, as in the Chinese draw, the interlocutors removed all the buttons, sliders and keys from the board in one go. But only biscuits can call such a style “minimalism.” And that’s why. Usually, the monitor of a multimedia system is the main shaping object of the cockpit. Here it is absent as a class – the linkers took the place for the display in a sensory “running line” that extended through the whole torpedo.

Moreover, the washer-controller a la Jaguar, the head of the multimedia complex, rests next to the gearshift lever. And when the engine is off, the only thing that produces in the cabin age is the current – touch panels that control the power windows and door handles.

Mazda Kai Headlights

As it was easy to guess, the reference platform for the hatchback was the current platform SkyActive. But, according to the executive director of Mazda Ichiro Hirose, the skeleton was thoroughly modernized. First, in terms of the power structure – to “keep a blow” of newfangled frontal crash tests with small and partial overlap. Secondly, for the sake of better handling, the rigidity of the body is increased by torsion. And, of course, the chassis is recalibrated accordingly.

Thirdly, the engineers thoroughly improved the noise insulation, adding ribs of stiffness and special inserts in the hidden cavities. Plus, additional damping units have been integrated, eliminating not only noise but also vibration when changing the road surface. Especially got a motor shield because the power units of the newest generation of SkyActive-X promise to be noisier due to the drive superchargers.

Yes, yes, without stopping experimenting with rotary engines, Hiroshima managed to significantly improve the DNA of a conventional internal combustion engine. More precisely, to instill the petrol engine diesel trumps. So, presented here, on, as the Japanese themselves say, “Toyo motorcycle” 2.0-liter in-line “four” works on an innovative cycle of Spark Controlled Compression Ignition. As can be seen from the name, the Japanese did not risk completely abandon the spark plugs, Although insider rumors were saying exactly this. If necessary, the electronics provide a spark – for example, when starting the engine in wet and/or cold weather.

Mazda Kai Interior

But the technology is still revolutionary. Just imagine: the geometric compression ratio rises to the point where a poor air-fuel mixture reaches the “limit of ignition”. At that moment, the expanding fireball created by the spark ignition turns into a priming charge and gives the last thrust that ignites the whole mixture.

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The process of feeding the mixture is constantly monitored by the electronics so that the pressure and temperature inside the combustion chamber are kept at optimal tolerances. Due to the fact that the candle is used continuously, the system can automatically switch to spark ignition in the speed range or under such a load, when compression ignition is difficult. As a result, according to Hirose-san, who directly oversees the work on SkyActive-X.

The design of the engine remains relatively simple compared to engines with variable compression ratio. A compression ratio never rises to excessively high rates. As a result, a new generation of engines will be 20-30% more economical and more difficult. Especially the economy will be a note with frequent traffic at low speeds, for example, in congestion. That is, according to the efficiency, the gasoline will be brought closer to the SkyActiv-D diesel engines. That is, the next “troika” will not only look spectacular but also efficiently travel.


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