Mercedes-AMG in April will present the crossovers GLC63, GLC63 Coupe |RSC| RSC

Mercedes-AMG GLC63 GLC63

Mercedes-AMG GLC63 GLC63

Mercedes-AMG will bring it to the motor show in New York, The GLC63 4MATIC + and the GLC63 Coupe 4MATIC + with the 4-liter V8 engine 469 hp and the 503-hp crossover GLS63s which will be opened next week.
All Mercedes-AMG GLC63 GLC63 crossovers are equipped with a 9-step robotic box with “m With the SPEEDSHIFT clutch and the advanced 4MATIC + all-wheel drive system with an electromechanical clutch and a rear differential of increased friction.
The Mercedes-AMG GLC63 and GLC63 Coupe crossovers accelerate to 100 km / h in just 4 seconds, the most powerful version, the GLC63S Spends 3.8 seconds on this exercise. These indicators are comparable to how much it spends to disperse to the “hundred” Mercedes-AMG GT sports car. The maximum speed is traditionally limited at 250 km / h, but most likely Mercedes-AMG will offer Drivers Performance Package, which will push this mark to 270 km / h.Mercedes-AMG GLC63 and GLC63 Coupe have four variants of suspension, engine, accelerator, gearbox and stabilization system: Comfort, Sport, Sport + and Individual. At Mercedes-AMG 63s to them the uncompromising mode Race is added.

Externally “charged” crossovers can easily be distinguished by a different radiator grille, aggressive bumpers and 19-inch wheels (20-inch in GLC63s).

Crossover sales will begin early next year.

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