Mercedes benz A45 AMG became the most powerful in its class

Mercedes benz A45
Mercedes benz A45

The struggle of German companies “Mercedes benz A45” for the right to wear the title of the most powerful hot-hatches became the most important intrigue of the appearance of the updated version of the A-class. The German company Mercedes-Benz lived up to expectations, although a hatch called A 45 AMG was demonstrated.

The novelty has impressive performance, which easily passes its main competitor Audi TT RS.
The exterior of the updated car, then we note that the changes in it are reduced to a minimum. The bumper was lightly modified. In addition, the designers of the company made changes in the radiator grille. Head lighting was also modernized.

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Looking in the interior of the new car, you can find that it has similarities with a car from the C-class. One of the main changes in the cabin is the new multimedia system. Among the new features that it has been given, we note the interaction with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The manufacturer drew a more serious attention to the line of motors for the Mercedes benz A45¬† AMG. Diesel engine capacity of 2.1 liters, which it is, now has a capacity of 7 hp. More than the previous motor. Its capacity after the modernization was 177 hp. For the modification of the A250, a 2-liter engine is available as before. However, this unit is now developing not 211, but 218 hp. If we talk about the most economical engine in the line of motors, then this is the unit installed in A180d. Under its hood is a diesel engine with a working volume of 1.8 liters with a power of 109 hp. The expense for this version of the A-class on a 100 km route is only 3.5 liters. In equipping some versions of the car appeared MKPP after modifications by the company’s engineers.

If we talk about the fastest version of the updated hatch, then this is Mercedes benz A45 AMG. In the engine compartment of this modification, it is possible to detect a motor with a turbine that develops 381 hp when operating in peak mode.

The increase in power of this engine has become quite significant. This allowed to improve the dynamic characteristics of the car. The acceleration time to a hundred has decreased and in the updated version of the hot-hatch is 4.2 seconds. At the same time in terms of fuel consumption there were no changes. Also reported on another nice addition, which was received by a hot-hatch is the Dynamic Plus package. It is worth mentioning that it is an optional option and its installation can be ordered by the owner for an additional fee. It includes an adaptive suspension AMG Ride Control. In addition, it includes the Dynamic Select system. Its main feature is that it gives you the choice of four driving modes. Among the available are the following: comfortable, sporty. In addition to them, a “sport plus” is also available.

Earlier information appeared that soon the version Mercedes benz A45 S should appear, under the hood of which there will be a motor with a power of 400 hp. But so far the manufacturer has not received any official confirmation of this information.

The updated A-class can be ordered in our country, starting from July 3. And in the autumn of this year the manufacturer will start supplying the ordered cars to customers in Russia.

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