Mercedes Benz C Class has increased Cost

Mercedes Benz C Class


Now the Mercedes Benz C Class line offered in the market can rightly be called full-fledged. After all, now the traditional “tsetse” added new versions, which have a full drive. And some modifications received under the hood more powerful units. The top among the powerful versions of the C-class is the C63 AMG

Previously, the company Mercedes Benz C Class could not compete with BMW on a large scale in the market. And all because of the lack of a sufficient number of modifications. But now everything is in the past, because since August, new modifications of the Mercedes Benz C Class have become available in the US market, which has made the line full.

The task of competing with the 320i xDrive is set in front of the C 200 4Matic model. This modification is equipped with a unit running on gasoline. It has a turbocharger, and its working volume is 2 liters. The power it develops at work is 184 hp. In conjunction with the engine, the 7G-Tronic Plus will operate. The “special series” C 200 4Matic is offered at a price of 36800 USD. It is equipped with disks with a dimension of 17 inches, and the headlights for the car on LEDs.

A diesel version is also available. For her, a potential buyer will have to pay 2500 USD more. Also, the manufacturer will also offer modifications in the C 200 4Matic Sport version. He will differ from others in being more athletic. The main merit in this AMG-package, which will be installed in it. He is also the main reason for the high price of this version. To buy a car in this kit will have to give 40,000 USD.

The manufacturer has already made public some details about the new modifications. So it became known about the fuel efficiency of the Mercedes C200 4Matic modification. On 100 km of the road this version of the car spends only 6.1 liters of gasoline. The system of all-wheel drive, which is equipped with this car, the engineers of the company is configured with a focus on the rear axle. The distribution of torque occurs with a ratio of 45:55.

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If we talk about the most expensive modifications of the C-class, then in the lineup will be the Mercedes-AMG C 63 and its more aggressive version of the C 63 S. In the engine compartment of both cars will be located power units with a working volume of 4 liters. They are equipped with two turbines, thanks to which the novelty in terms of power should approach the BMW M3. The base version of this modification develops a power of 476 hp. On it the manufacturer has established a price tag 72,000 USD. The forced version will be available in the market at a price of 82,000 USD . The motor, which it will be equipped with, develops a power of 510 hp

Along with the listed modifications on the US market, the C 450 AMG 4Matic Sport will also be offered. This Mercedes will be equipped with a 3-liter engine in a V6 configuration with a turbine. The power of the unit will be 367 hp. The manufacturer equips this modification with a full drive. The cost of the car is 60 thousand USD.

In addition to these modifications on the US market will be offered and a hybrid version – Mercedes-Benz C 350e. Under the hood of the car manufacturer places the installation of the gasoline engine, which at the peak of the work produces a power of 211 hp and an electric motor with a power of 82 hp. The total capacity is 279 hp. The price tag for this version of the C-Class by the manufacturer is set at 50,000 USD.

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