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January 6, 2017

The new BMW X5 continues to enjoy good demand, both from authorized dealers and in the secondary market. Customers are not afraid of the high price of the BMW X5 and expensive car service. Everything else is added to the problem with the frequent ugonyaemostyu machine. Therefore, to run into the stolen X5 in the automotive routine.

Despite all the difficulties associated with the sports crossover from Germany … or rather from the US, because the only factory of a full cycle is precisely in America, where the model is exported to 140 countries. Yet in a few countries, Americans sent mashinokomplektyi ready for screwdriver assembly.

The third generation of the X5 F15 in the back got a new platform, though the dimensions have not changed the car has received a new power structure of the body and other external body parts. If the Russian offer only four-wheel drive hDrive, in the US you can buy a rear-drive BMW X5. As the motors in our market offer a 3-liter turbodiesel different capacity, plus 3 and 4.4 liter petrol units. The hybrid version of the X5 eDrive in our country is not offered.

Outside X5 after the last update made to the exterior of the new corporate style. More expressive grille, updated optics, raised body panels, all this emphasizes the sporty look. Familiar even the first generation of the silhouette remained without major changes. See photos of appearance of the new BMW X5 look further.

Picture BMW X5


BMW X5-foto-2016

BMW X5-2016

Salon X5 has become more technologically advanced, there was an increased touch-screen monitor, a new steering wheel, quality finishing materials reached a new level. Due to the large wheelbase of greater than 2.9 meters is provided to rear passengers space and comfort.

Photo salon BMW X5

foto-salona-BMW X5

salon-BMW X5

BMW X5-foto-salona

The trunk of the new BMW X5 is now accommodates 650 liters if you fold the rear row of seats, the capacity increases to 1,870 liters. As in the previous version of the crossover X5 tailgate is in two parts, one half is opened up, the other down (as flap). Trunk Photo attached.

Photo tailgate BMW X5

foto-bagaznika-BMW X5

Technical characteristics of the BMW X5

In technical terms, the new BMW X5 crossover has some interesting characteristics. For example drag coefficient Cx is equal to 0.31 was achieved in an interesting way. In the front bumper there are dampers, which with the help of air ducts in the front wings regulate air flow to reduce air resistance.

Gearbox automatic Steptronic with 8 steps is not only adaptive mode, but also modes for sport or economical driving. Under certain conditions, it turns on the motion coasting function that allows you to save up to 5% fuel. By the way, for the diesel version in the database offer a 6-speed automatic transmission Steptronic.

Diesel 5 X volume of 3 liters with a variable geometry turbocharger turbine power has four options 218, 249, 313 and 381 horsepower. This variation is achieved by using one, two and even three turbines simultaneously. The torque varies from 500 to 740 Nm. The average consumption of diesel fuel is 6 to 7 liters.

Petrol turbo BMW TwinPower Turbo two is inline 3-liter 6-cylinder BMW X5 xDrive 35i 306 hp (400 Nm) and a more powerful V8 4.4 liter X5 xDrive 50i 450 hp (650 nm). On disperse hundreds with a 3-liter engine takes 6.5 seconds with an average fuel consumption of 8.5 liters. 4.4 liter engine allows you start running for 5 seconds while consuming an average of 9.6 liters already.

Dimensions, weight, volume, the BMW X5 clearance

  • Length – 4886 mm
  • Width – 1938 mm
  • Height – 1762 mm
  • Curb weight – from 2105 kg
  • Gross weight – 2745 kg of
  • The base, the distance between the front and rear axle – 2933 mm
  • Track front and rear wheels – 1644/1650 mm, respectively
  • The boot capacity – 650 liters
  • Cargo capacity with the seats folded – 1870 liters
  • The volume of the fuel tank – 85 liters
  • tire size – 255/55 R18
  • Size of wheels – 8.5J x 18
  • Clearance BMW X5 – 209 mm

Prices and equipment BMW X5

In the basic version sports crossover is available Steptronic automatic transmission, 18-inch alloy wheels, two-zone climate control, audio system, satellite alarm system, Start / Stop function of the engine, and a large set of security systems. A complete list of the BMW X5 current prices for 2016 below.

  • BMW X5 3.0 liter hDrive35i. 306 hp – 3.53 million rubles
  • BMW X5 4.4 liter hDrive50i. 450 hp – 4.58 million rubles
  • BMW X5 hDrive25d Business 3.0 liters. 218 hp – 4 000 000
  • BMW X5 3.0 liter hDrive30d. 249 hp – 3.69 million rubles
  • BMW X5 3.0 liter hDrive40d. 313 hp – 4 000 000
  • BMW X5 M50d hDrive 3.0 liters. 381 hp – 4.98 million rubles

Charged BMW X5 M is 6.3 million rubles. Under the hood is an 8-cylinder petrol engine with M TwinPower Turbo 8-speed automatic transmission M Steptronic, plus system xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive with special M settings. With the power of 575 hp to accelerate to the first hundred takes only 4.2 seconds!

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