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April 29, 2017

New BMW x6 price, photos, video, equipment, specifications BMW X6

The new BMW X6 in F16 body appeared in 2015, first as a cross-coupé appeared in 2008. As X5 and X6 are collected in the United States second. From there, send complete vehicle sets, which differ in different locations around the world. for screwdriver assembly. In our country, this assembly is carried out in Kaliningrad. Despite a common technology platform to the BMW X5, X6 in size slightly longer and wider. However, the room for 2 rear row passengers is less because of the low roof. By the way, today, as an option the manufacturer offers rear passengers two seats instead of the overall three-seater sofa.

The basic version of BMW X6 is more expensive X5 SUV, but it’s not in a stylish body. Just standard on the coupe is better. The wheels have a larger diameter, as is the sports version of the box Steptronic automatic, has a leather interior, Xenon optics, dynamic cruise control, 2 zone climate control and a host of other options that do not have in cheaper versions of “X-fifth”.

The exterior of the new BMW X6 offers unique stylish silhouette. Around the middle rack level roof line begins to shift down to the luggage compartment. This body design provides a drag coefficient equal to 0.33 Cx. Tailgate Tailgate whole and not divided into two parts, like the X5 th. Dual optics with a dual grille is the same as that of fellow model range, but the form of bumpers, fog lamps location more.

Photos BMW X6


BMW X6-foto-f16

2016-BMW X6

Interior cross-X6 coupe from the German manufacturer of premium BMW brand is maintained in the general corporate style. However, in the interior uses more athletic attributes. Salon X6 is made using premium materials. The upper part of the dashboard can be upholstered in soft leather Nappa. In combination with Pure Extravagance package of colors Cognac / Black added contrast to her brown line. The lower part is performed in cognac color. While in the interior of the M Sport version comes combined seat upholstery leather and Alcantara Anthracite and Aluminium Hexagon inlays. It is also possible Dakota leather upholstery in different colors. Very impressive is the interior X 6 upholstery colors “Red Coral” with black contrast stitching combined with decorative inlays of aluminum. Salon Photo attached below.

Photo salon BMW X6

salon-BMW X6

BMW X6-foto-salona


Roof kupeobraznogo crossover BMW X5 plays in the volume model, but still calmly holds 580 liters. And if you fold the rear seat the loading volume can be expanded almost threefold.

Photo tailgate BMW X6


Specifications BMW X6

In addition to the outstanding diesel and petrol engines the new BMW X6 boasts exceptional setting characteristics of the suspension, drivetrain, chassis, electronic security systems and entertainment. As the box stands 8-speed automatic transmission with the possibility of adapting the driving style and the different modes of operation, from economical to sporty.

The Russian offer three diesel engines X6 xDrive30d (249 hp with 560 Nm of torque), xDrive40d (313 hp with 630 Nm) and M50d capacity of 381 horsepower (740 Nm). In fact, this one-line 3-liter 6-cylinder engine, but with a different number of turbines. Appropriately the most powerful 3-turbines, the weakest one, and the average power with two turbines. Sami turbine naturally variable geometry.

Gasoline engines for the X6, it is in-line 6-cylinder 3 liter and V-shaped 8-cylinder engine capacity of 4.4 liters. Naturally the engines are equipped with turbines, systems, variable valve timing, variable valve lift height, and of course the direct fuel injection.

The most powerful gasoline V8 BMW M TwinPower Turbo 575 hp issuing It has an improved cooling system, additional oil sump and drain oil pump, a lightweight crankshaft and the mass of the original innovation.

Dimensions, weight, volume, the BMW X6 clearance

  • Length – 4909 mm
  • Width – 1989 mm
  • Height – 1702 mm
  • Curb weight – 2,100 kg
  • Gross weight – 2740 kg
  • The base, the distance between the front and rear axle – 2933 mm
  • Track front and rear wheels – 1640/1706 mm, respectively
  • The boot capacity – 580 liters
  • Cargo capacity with the seats folded – 1525 liters
  • The volume of the fuel tank – 85 liters
  • tire size – 255/50 R19
  • Prices and equipment BMW X6

    The price of the cheapest coupe crossover is 4.2 million rubles, while at the same time the most affordable X5 worth 3.53 million rubles. As the power unit used in both cases line 6-cylinder turbo 3-liter capacity of 306 hp But because of the sport boxes, and other settings of the chassis and suspension coupe accelerates a tenth of a second faster. Further expired for 2016 of the price of the BMW X6.

    • BMW X6 xDrive35i 3.0 liters. (306 hp) – 4 200 000 rubles
    • BMW X6 xDrive50i 4.4 liters. (450 hp) – 4.95 million rubles
    • BMW X6 xDrive30d 3.0 liters. (249 hp) – 4.24 million rubles
    • BMW X6 xDrive40d 3.0 liters. (313 hp) – 4.46 million rubles
    • BMW X6 xDrive M50d 3.0 liters. (381 hp) – 5.28 million rubles

    But this is not the limit price, because there are BMW X6 M worth 6.68 million rubles. Under the hood of this sports car gasoline turbocharged V8 with 575 hp On disperse hundreds at such car takes just 4.2 seconds!

    Clearance BMW X6 – 212 mm

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