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New Chevrolet Niva 2017 in the form  Chevrolet of a pre-series concept was shown at the end of August 2014 at the Moscow International Auto Show. Chevrolet Initially, it was planned that a compact SUV will appear in 2015. However, later the leaders of the joint venture GM-AVTOVAZ, where they are assembling the car, began to talk about the shift in the timing of the next generation NIVA Chevrolet project for 2017.

Therefore, we will talk about the new Chevrolet Niva precisely the 2017 model year. The exterior of the car, like its technical part, will be modernized thoroughly. Especially for the second generation of a unique SUV, a modern platform was developed. Now the car will be a little longer and wider. But a significant increase in size is not expected. Shiva 2017 will still be an all-wheel drive vehicle with a manual transmission. Monoprivodnyh versions, as well as automatic transmission until it will not be exact.

The most anticipated, after a new aggressive exterior, of course, is the replacement of the outdated VAZ engine, a more powerful engine. The new Chevrolet Niva in 2017 will receive a gasoline atmospheric 16-valve power unit with a working volume of 1.8 liters, with a capacity of 135 horsepower. A straight 4-cylinder engine at the peak of torque will give all 170 Nm. This is substantially more than the old engine. The economy of the new unit is provided by distributed fuel injection and a modern CVVT timing system. The dreams of some car fans about the diesel engine can not come true. The appearance of diesel NIVA Chevrolet in the short term is not even considered.Chevrolet Cruze

As for the transmission Chevrolet Niva 2017, it is already known that buyers will be offered a modern mechanical 5-speed transmission. The dispenser box will be delivered a new one. These two units will be almost a single whole. We look at the photo below. Designers of the project promise to even lock the differentials. The engine and transmission will be assembled directly in Togliatti. This will help localize production, to ensure a minimum cost of production. That in the conditions of a sharp fall of the ruble is very reasonable.

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As for the suspension, it was decided to abandon the VAZ design in favor of McPherson. Accordingly, the steering will become a rack-and-pinion type. The rear axle will probably not be split. At least on the presented concept, it was he. By the way, on the pre-series sample, all the brakes turned out to be disk. Can the rear drums go into oblivion !?


The price of the new Chevrolet Niva 2017 model year is perhaps the main intrigue. Many experts believe that in order to maintain the current market share and successful competition, the new Chevy Niva 4×4 should not be more expensive than the Renault Duster with a two-liter engine and four-wheel drive 4×4. But in order to pay back serious investments in new production capacities and not scare customers away with a price tag, the management of GM-AVTOVAZ should seriously consider the optimal cost of a new generation of Chevy NIVA 2017.

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