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December 28, 2016

The new crossover Mazda CX 3 officially presented at the Auto Show in Los Angeles. The long-awaited premiere aroused keen interest around the world in a hurry as soon as possible to share fresh photos Mazda CX 3 . Just describe the technical characteristics of the new compact crossover.

The basis for creating a crossover Mazda CX 3 served as a compact hatchback new generation of the Mazda2 , which is sold only in Japan. As a result, cars have comparable dimensions of the wheelbase (but the total length of the crossover a bit more), appearance, and in particular the interior is very similar.

Of course exterior CX 3 more terrain than that of the hatchback. On the back there were the plastic lining on the wheel arches, more practical sills, front and rear bumpers have their own design. But the basic features common to all models of Mazda present at the crossover there. A large grille, muscular curves on the body, all fit into the current design concept KODO. Watch the first official photos of the Mazda CX 3 below.

Photos Mazda CX 3

foto-Mazda CX 3

foto Mazda CX 3

Mazda CX 3-2015

2015 Mazda CX 3

Mazda CX 3 foto

Mazda CX 3-2016

Mazda CX 3-foto

Salon Mazda CX 3 crossover new generation almost entirely borrowed from the hatchback Mazda 2. Above the center console rises a large multimedia screen, the minimum number of buttons and switches. Part stereo system management functions and other things are duplicated on the small wheel. Between the front seats is the puck to control radio. All this we have seen in other models of Mazda. The shape of the instrument panel on the CX 3 copied from the Mazda3. Of the original elements can be noted duct vents, but the same stand on the second Mazda. In general, look photos of interior Mazda CX 3 below.

Photo salon Mazda CX 3

foto salona Mazda CX 3

Mazda CX 3 salon

salon Mazda CX 3

Mazda CX 3 transmission

Mazda CX 3-akkp

Technical characteristics of the Mazda CX 3

Specifications crossover Mazda CX 3 is probably the most exciting moment. Let’s order, start with a small car transmission.

Transmission Mazda CX 3

As transmissions crossover will get a 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic. The world market is presented as a front-wheel version of the Mazda CX 3 2WD, and all-wheel drive modification AWD. In this version of the 4×4 wheel drive transmission will borrow from the CX 5.

Engines Mazda CX 3

In the automotive exhibition in the United States by representatives of Company Mazda said that top-end option for the local market will be all-wheel drive crossover CX 3 with 6-Art. automatic and petrol 2-liter 150 hp Skyactiv (110 kW) at 6000 rpm. The maximum engine torque will be 210 Nm at 4000 rpm.

For front-wheel versions provide more modest units, this gasoline “Skayektiv” working volume of 1.5 liters (120 hp) and engine capacity of 1.3 liter capacity of 92 hp In addition, for the European market will be offered a diesel Skyactiv-D 1.5-liter 105 hp at a torque of 250 Nm. All power units, a 4-cylinder engines, which are 16 valves (DOHC), the drive timing chain is used. This is the latest in a series of engines Mazda Skyactiv, which are characterized by high power with minimum fuel consumption. What specific motors will receive Mazda CX 3 in our country it is not yet known.

Dimensions Mazda CX 3

Dimensions crossover were also unveiled at the motor show in Los Angeles, in an official press release from the manufacturer. Since the length of the Mazda CX 3 is 4275 mm , width 1765 mm, height 1549 mm. Wheelbase defining space in the cabin 2570 mm (the same base and has a new Mazda 2). The front and rear overhangs 909 and 795 mm, respectively. But information about ground clearance or clearance is officially unknown. Apparently for each market is to be determined based on local operating conditions and the quality of the road surface.

The main competitor of the new compact Mazda CX 3 will not only become a popular Nissan Juke, but also plenty of other manufacturers, which are markedly increased in the last few years. About the price, even approximate, yet no specific information is not available. When the crossover will start selling in the US, Europe and Russia as well is unknown. Roughly manufacturer describes as a possible date for the start of sales of the second half of 2015th or the beginning of 2016.

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