New Ferrari California T with the turbo engine, photos, technical data|volkswagun

April 29, 2017

New Ferrari California T with the turbo engine, photos, technical data|volkswagun

Photos and specifications of the new coupe-cabriolet California company unveiled the Ferrari. Now the sports car will have equip the motor with turbo power of 560 hp


The presence of turbocharged power unit under the bonnet eloquently present in this car title letter T. In March of this year at the Geneva Motor Show saw the debut of the car. 8-liter “eight” with two turbochargers and direct fuel injection California T received instead present in the engine compartment of the V8 engine capacity of 4.3 liter models (490 hp, 505 Nm).560 “forces” with 755 Nm of torque – this impact has turbo engine with two turbines. Note that on the sedan Maserati Quattroporte is used analogue of this motor. There, he produces 530 hp with 710 Nm of torque.

Ferrari California T-foto

Features Acceleration Ferrari California is impressive. For 3.6 seconds California T dials the first hundred of the new supercharged engine. This figure is 0.2 seconds better than its predecessor. With regard to the maximum speed, it is now increased and is 316 km / h. At the same time the updated car has improved a parameter as efficiency. The updated car was 15% cheaper. At the level of 10.5 l / 100 km now it is a mixed fuel consumption.

Ferrari California T-foto-salona

In addition, undergone the steering, the new product improvement. New springs and adaptive dampers upgraded Magnaride received suspension. As the options for this car include carbon-ceramic brakes, but other than that branded traction control F1-Trac. Thanks to the assistance provided when riding in the slip.

Manufacturer refreshed look “California” is in the style model F12 Berlinetta number of its elements. Photo Ferrari California clearly demonstrate the changes. Lighting, hood, bumpers and rear diffuser in the process of creating the model have changed. The photo is visible to the vehicle interior a new multimedia system with 6.5-inch touch screen. The center console and ventilation ducts also undergone a change. Boost pressure gauge added to the top of the instrument panel.

With regards to the size, the car became longer than 7 mm. As he added, the width of 8 mm. A height – 14 mm. The car’s weight down, but only slightly – only 5 kg. 1625 kg – that is how much now weighs supercar Ferrari California T. Total rigid vehicle roof folds in 14 seconds.Sports car goes on sale in this 2014.

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