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Ferrari California T

Ferrari California T Photos and technical specifications of the new California coupe-cabriolet was unveiled by Ferrari. Now the sports car will have in its equipment a motor with a turbo power rating of 560 hp.

Ferrari California T

The presence of the turbo power unit under the hood is eloquently evidenced by the letter T present in the name of this car. In March of this year, the debut of this car was held at the Geneva Motor Show. The 8-liter “eight” with two turbochargers and direct fuel injection California T got instead of the V8 engine in volume of 4.3 liters (490 hp, 505 Nanometers) present in the engine compartment. 560 “forces” at 755 Nm of torque – this return has a turbo with two turbines. Note that the sedan Maserati Quattroporte uses an analog of this motor. There he gives out 530 hp. At 710 Nm of torque.

Ferrari California T

The overclocking characteristics of Ferrari California T  is impressive. For 3.6 seconds Ferrari California T is gaining the first hundred with a new supercharged engine. This indicator is 0.2 seconds better than its predecessor. As for the maximum speed, it has increased and now is 316 km / h. At the same time the updated car has improved such parameter, as profitability. The updated car has become 15% more economical. At the level of 10.5 l / 100 km, it now has a mixed fuel consumption.

In addition to this in the new refinement was subjected to steering. New springs and upgraded adaptive shock absorbers Magnaride received a suspension. As options for this car are offered carbon-ceramic brakes, and in addition the proprietary traction control system F1-Trac. Thanks to it, assistance is provided when driving in slides.

The manufacturer refreshed the face of “California” by performing in the style of the model F12 Berlinetta a number of its elements. Photos of the California Ferrari T  vividly demonstrate all the changes. Lighting technology, hood, bumpers and rear diffuses during the creation of the model have been changed. In the photo of the car interior, you can see a new multimedia system with a 6.5-inch touch screen. The central console and ventilation ducts have also undergone a change. The charge pressure gauge is added at the top of the instrument panel.

With regards to dimensions, the car became longer by 7 mm. In width, he added 8 mm. And in height – 14 mm. Weight of the car has decreased, but slightly – only 5 kg. 1625 kg – this is how much the supercars Ferrari California T weighs now. In just 14 seconds the hard roof of the car forms. The sports car will went on sale in 2014.

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