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The opportunity to capture the appearance of new products from Audi, the journalists was provided by the chief designer of the German company Mark Lichte. In addition, he described how the “trinity” will differ from each other.

The opportunity to communicate with the head of the design bureau of the German brand fell to one of the French publications. During the conversation, Mark Lichte cited facts concerning the appearance of new brand cars. He told about the sedans – A6 and A8, and also told the details of the elevator A7. At the same time, he did not confine himself to telling about the peculiarities of their exterior. Lichte also provided an opportunity for reporters to sketch sketches of the front three cars.

Looking at the image of this “trinity”, one may get the impression that the cars are very similar and there is no difference in style. They are united by the fact that all three models are fully implemented in accordance with the code design of the German company. The radiator grating for all three is almost the same. However, if you look closely, you can find some differences. A distinctive feature of A6 is the presence in its grille of a simple version of the chrome plated edge. Designers gave him only a pair of strokes of horizontal orientation, while the front bumper is designed in a quiet style and does not contain any aggressive notes.

Audi A7 – the car, which the manufacturer has endowed with sports character in the process of creation, has a black matte paint in the radiator grille, and the bumper is distinguished by the predominance of aggressive elements. The new generation hood A7 attracts the eye thanks to the pronounced vyshtampovkam. For the Audi A8, which is the flagship of the sedan lineup, according to its status, will receive a massive grille, in which the chrome trim will prevail. The contours of the air intakes, integrated into the bumper, will also be finished with chrome. And besides, the front part will be the most massive among all this “trinity.”

If you look closely, you can see that the cars and head optics are different. A6 and A8 combine the fact that sedans in headlights have strokes of L-shaped LEDs, but they are oriented in opposite directions. The aggressive version of lighting equipment went to Audi A7.

Recall that in February this year, photo spy caught the Audi A6 of a new generation. And here already from the end of last year in camouflage experts of the company tests Audi A8.

In a conversation with reporters, the chief designer of Audi said that serious differences between themselves should have different models while remarking that their concept should be similar. Lichte made a promise that in the case of these three models the difference will be noticeable to the unaided eye.

The first among this “trinity” on the market will be the Audi A8. In the autumn of this year, the company has scheduled a premiere. As a venue, the manufacturer chose a car dealership in Frankfurt. Two other new items A6 and A7 of the new generation will be available next year.


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