A new generation Kia Picanto (photo) will soon appear

Kia Picanto
Kia Picanto


Korean automaker Picanto revealed the secrets of the third generation compact hatchback Kia Picanto at the end of last year. Recently, it became known when an updated model appeared in the dealers’ salons.

It should be noted that the manufacturer plans to offer a new product to the Russian customers with a ruler including two motors.
The designers of the company, creating an external appearance Updated model, focused on the new generation of Kia Rio. In the same style, it was decided to perform the exterior of Kia Picanto, which is designed for operation in the city. It was the new style that provided the car with distinctions that strikingly distinguish it from the previous generation model.

Kia Picanto Interior
Kia Picanto Interior

The main innovations in the cabin of the Kia Picanto 2017 model year is the steering wheel, which complements the original instrument panel. Another feature inside the machine is the multimedia system. Its adornment is a 7-inch display. Multimedia system has support for Android Auto and Apple Carplay. In addition, there is a wireless charging. The main breakthrough in the updated model is that the designers in the interior design chose to use more expensive materials. Thanks to this, another step closer to the prestigious segment was the hatchback Picanto.

The engine range for this model will consist of two units. The first is a gasoline engine with a working volume of 1 liter, which at work develops 67 hp. The second unit has a working volume of 1.2 liters and produces a capacity of 84 “horses.”

Picanto, equipped with a 1 liter engine, will be offered with 5 tbsp. “Mechanics”. The version of the car with a more powerful engine will be available from 4 tbsp. “Automatic”. A notable point is that for the first time in the history of this model it will be available in the sports version. In the company it was called GT Line. It differs from the standard one, first of all, by the presence of aggressive notes in the guise, as well as elements of interior trim.

Kia Picanto rear
Kia Picanto rear

Kia Picanto of a new generation became quieter on the go. The manufacturer, when creating a new compact model in its design, used twice as high-strength steel in comparison with the previous generation car. In addition to this innovation in the new Picanto 2017 is the use of the traction distribution system via the braking system.

Waiting for the appearance of Picanto fresh generation in the dealers’ salons of the Korean company should be in the middle of this year. As the start of sales approached, the manufacturer promised to voice the prices of the equipment for the market.

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