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January 10, 2017

New Hyundai Solaris 2017 photo, price and integration of the popular sedan will be pleased with the Russians again. Hyundai Solaris 2017 model year promises to be a bestseller in its class. After all, for this manufacturer I did everything I could. Increased, wheelbase, width of the body. Designers have made every effort to create magnificent interior and exterior of the budget sedan.

If the China model is already sold, in our country, a test of a new generation of Solaris was launched in December 2016 at the plant of the Korean group in St. Petersburg. Complete assembly of the Hyundai Solaris will begin in January 2017 and the start of sales is scheduled for the end of winter and beginning of spring.

Outside Solaris new generation made in sporty style. Especially the “charged” model is shown in the back, where the tailgate spoiler has become almost. Chrome grille migrated to the car with the new Elantra. Cool optics, perfectly traced the bumper, all designed to win the hearts of new customers around the world. Our customers will enjoy new exterior certainly. See photos of the new Solaris on.

Hyundai Solaris in 2017 photo

foto-Hyundai Solaris 2017

2017 Hyundai Solaris-foto

2017 Hyundai Solaris-szadi

Salon Solaris II many may seem boring, but it’s unclear what colors and materials will be used in our country. For example for the Indian market will be offered interior with light accents. The expensive trim levels will be regular 7-inch touch-screen multimedia system. In the middle trim on the center console will show off a small monochrome screen stereo system. By the way, there is provided an electric sunroof, if such an option appears we do not know for the Chinese market. The increase in wheelbase positively (but not significantly) affected the increase in interior space.

2017 Hyundai Solaris saloon pictures

salon-Hyundai Solaris 2017

foto-salona-Hyundai Solaris 2017

2017 Hyundai Solaris-foto-salona

Photo Solaris boot 2017


Specifications Hyundai Solaris 2017

Perhaps in the technical part of the least changes. If the course is not considered as a new, more durable and rigid body, which should solve the problem of passive safety.

Powertrain, it is good for us familiar 1.4 and 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engines assembled in China. Special problems 4-cylinder 16 valve units with a chain-driven timing system and change the valve timing (inlet at the shaft) do not deliver. Lungs, because aluminum cylinder block and powerful engines are still capable of delivering 107 horsepower and 123 respectively.

As for the transmission and without any changes, the drive continues to the front. For the 1.4 liter engine is available for the 5-speed manual or 4-band automatic. A more powerful 1.6-liter engine will appreciate the 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions.

Chassis certainly been migrated, because of the new body, but the basic parameters are stored. The steering is rack and pinion type, fully disc brakes, front independent suspension, rear semi-dependent. Perhaps the surprise will be waiting for an expanded list of electronic systems and assistants.

Dimensions of a new generation of Solaris a little grown up, more details below.

Dimensions, weight, volume, clearance of new Solaris

  • Body length – 4380 mm
  • Width – 1728 mm
  • Height – 1460 mm
  • Curb weight – from 1130 kg
  • Gross weight – 1565 kg
  • Wheelbase – 2600mm
  • Track front and rear wheels – 1495/1502 mm, respectively
  • The boot capacity – 470 liters
  • The volume of the fuel tank – 43 liters
  • tire size – 185/65 R15, 195/55 R16
  • Disk Size – 6.0Jx15, 6.0Jx16
  • Ground Clearance – 160mm

Price 2017 Hyundai Solaris and packaging trends

In the Chinese market for the new Verna, who is also the Russian Solaris asking from 72 900 to 99 900 yuan. Armed with a calculator can be quite easy to calculate the average price of a sedan in a range from 650 to 890 thousand rubles. That is a model in our market is not significantly more expensive. And with a full national assembly, but a new generation of Solaris may not appreciate. Today, the basic equipment of the old generation budget sedan with 1.4 liter engine, 5-speed manual is offered at a price of about 600 thousand rubles.

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  1. New Hyundai Solaris 2017 photo

  2. Hyundai Solaris in 2017 photo

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  4. Photo Solaris boot 2017

  5. Specifications Hyundai Solaris 2017

  6. Price 2017 Hyundai Solaris and packaging trends

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