The new Jaguar I-Pace – The first electric



Already in the middle of 2018, the first car, traveling exclusively on electric traction, will appear in the Jaguar model cage.His conceptual forerunner with a furor made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show by untwisting the electromagnet flywheel Premium segment

Electric car Jaguar I-Pace is both a work of art and technological revelation. There is an obvious reference to retro cars, and futuristic motifs, and direct quotes from modern models of the brand.The first thing in mind is, of course, the association with the premium cross-over Jaguar F-Pace.No surprising – the electric prototype is commensurate with the first SUV Jaguar And even borrowed from him the stylistic decisions of the front and rear parts, as well as the suspension scheme and a number of electronic technologies.

However, there are enough unique solutions. First of all, I-Pace has completely original proportions – a squat body, a rearward-shifted interior, heavily tilted rear posts and a high glazing line. Aerodynamics are given maximum attention: to provide an index Cx 0.29, the engineers not only gave the body a streamlined shape, but also directed the streams of incoming air through the roof line through the air duct in the hood, armed the crossover with a spoiler on the edge of the fifth door, diffuser in the rear bumper, compact mirrors And sliding door handles.

In the layout of the cabin – again a breakthrough. Despite the fact that the I-Pace is 50 mm shorter than the serial F-Pace, in its interior … is more spacious. The matter is that the pair of the electric motors which are giving out in aggregate 400 hp have placed on each of axes, therefore the salon it was possible to expand due to podkapotnogo spaces. At the same time, they allocated a space for two trunks at the front and rear, and the salon received a 5-seat layout.

At the same time, the serial I-Pace pretends to be the laurels of the reference vehicle for the driver. And it’s not just the already announced acceleration to “hundreds” in just 4 seconds. Due to the fact that the battery pack is integrated into the floor panel, the car has found the optimum weight distribution and understated center of mass. Therefore, it must have high maneuverability and exchange rate stability.

With practicality, too, everything is fine. To replenish the battery’s charge from the household electricity network, two hours have been measured, the power reserve is 500 km. The interior is dominated by bright and ergonomic solutions. Under the soaring console is organized 8-liter compartment. Instead of traditional keys – mostly touch screens, and the dashboard replaced the 12-inch HD-display, duplicated by the projection screen.


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