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April 29, 2017

Lada Largus Cross appeared once for off-road compact wagon of Lada Kalina Cross .Technically, the cars do not have anything in common, but they are united by a common concept. This is getting out of the ordinary car more practical and off-road version of the machine. With minimal design and design changes. Thus, the manufacturer is trying to attract more customers, expand product range, due to such modifications as the Lada Largus Cross.

The basis for the creation of off-road Largus Cross served as an ordinary station wagon. And if initially intended only to produce 7-seater versions, it later emerged, and 5-Metn options.We stayed psevdokrossovera front-wheel drive, the old engine, but the suspension considerably touched, that would get increased ground clearance. An ordinary wagon ride height does not exceed 150 mm in version Cross has 170 mm when fully loaded. New enhanced tstoyki and other spring took their toll. But to increase the ride height further manufacturer decided to install special 16-inch wheels on the car. Although conventional wagon Largus are R14 or R15.

Appearance Cross Largus , except for the large wheels gained practical plastic oats in a circle. Special protective plastic lining on the front and rear bumpers, on the sills and wheel arches. Bumpers are generally without staining, the bottom of which is a silver lining for metal. Under the engine and the gearbox is a special steel protection. In general, “off-road” exterior transformed a boring station wagon, the car for adventure and travel. Watchpictures of the new Largus Cross below.

Photo Lada Largus Cross




Salon Lada Largus Cross changed. Instead of boring and featureless plastic trim seats were bright orange inserts and special stitching seats. Even the door trim have received their portion of the brightness due to the leather inserts orange light. Interior version Largus Cross, now it is impossible to confuse with anything else.

Photo salon Lada Largus Cross



Lada Largus Cross 7-mest

Roof Lada Largus Cross is still huge and has a lot of options for transforming, allowing to convert the car from the passenger in the cargo van. Longer wheelbase and practical form of the rear of the body, allows the most efficient use of the entire internal volume of the vehicle.

Photos trunk Lada Largus Cross


Specifications Lada Largus Cross

Main specifications Largus Cross does not have a wide choice of powertrains and transmissions. Under the hood is the same Renault engine with a cast-iron cylinder block and a 16-valve timing mechanism. By the way, the timing with two camshafts is the belt.Displacement gasoline 4-cylinder engine of 1.6 liters. Engine power is 105 horsepower, 148 Nm of torque. Front-wheel drive combined with only a 5-speed gearbox.

This power unit allows you to overclock Largus car up to a hundred kilometers per hour in 13.1 seconds. The maximum speed of 165 km / h. With regard to fuel consumption Largus Cross, in the city car consumes 11.5 liters (95 octane petrol), 7.5 liters of the track. In mixed mode “psevdokrossover” of VAZ consumes 9 liters of gasoline.

Further, the overall performance of the car.

Dimensions, weight, volume, clearance Lada Largus Cross

  • Length – 4470 mm
  • Width – 1756 mm
  • Height – 1654 mm
  • Curb weight – 1260 kg
  • Gross weight – 1790 kg
  • The base, the distance between the front and rear axle – 2905 mm
  • Track front and rear wheels – 1461/1466 mm, respectively
  • Luggage capacity 7 seats – 135 liters
  • Cargo capacity 5 seats – 560 liters
  • Cargo capacity with the seats folded – 2350 liters
  • The volume of the fuel tank – 50 liters
  • tire size – 205/55 R16
  • Clearance Lada Largus Cross – 170 mm

Video Lada Largus Cross

Another test drive Largus Cross.

Of course, I would like to find a real test off-road, but for now these videos on the network do not.

Prices and equipment Lada Largus Cross

Price 5-seater Lada Largus Cross is 593,000 rubles. 7-seater version costs 618,000 rubles. We can compare with the price of a conventional wagon Largus, where the minimum cost of the machine is 449 000 and 519 000 rubles. For the 5-and 7-seater version. The difference is quite large. But the Cross version in addition to the plastic body kit and large lumen has a lot of interesting options.

The package includes for two front airbags, fog lights, anti-lock brakes (ABS), on-board computer, leather trimmed steering wheel, the audio system. The driver’s seat is heating, height adjustment, steering wheel, power and height adjustment, elektrosteklopodemniki all doors. Air conditioning, central locking, immobilizer, alloy wheels 16 inches. There is a full spare wheel, right on the steel disk and why the size of R15.

PS If anyone knows, but the spare tire and Lada Largus Largus Cross is at the bottom, under the rear part of the bottom, that is, from the outside.

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