The new Mercedes Maybach S400 4Matic

Mercedes Maybach S400
Mercedes Maybach S400

Everybody knows about the Maybach brand, which belongs to the Mercedes. Some time ago, the car changed its name to the Mercedes Maybach S400. Recently, versions of the most popular MB sedans under this brand appeared in the market, which in our country are called “500th” and “six hundredth.”

However, given the sharp growth in the exchange rate of the Russian currency, even the well-to-do people, such cars it is too expensive. In this regard, the appearance of the “four-hundredth” variant is quite appropriate. This sedan Mercedes Maybach S400 4Matic is much cheaper than its more expensive and more expensive colleagues, so he has more chances in the crisis to find buyers on market.

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Quite often, big Mercedes cars are used for solemn events, especially Mercedes limousines are in demand. You can order a premium limousine in Kiev on round the clock and at a reasonable price.

Recently it became known that in the company Mercedes-Maybach began taking orders for S400 4Matic. This model has its own peculiarities. One of them is the availability of an all wheel drive. Under the hood, the manufacturer has placed a “six” working volume of 3 liters. Which at the peak of the work develops a power of 333 hp. Previously, the weakest unit that was available for Maybach developed power at 455 hp. The unit, which the manufacturer will install under the hood of the “four-hundred” model, will give a torque of 480 Nm. Work it will be paired with a 7-step “automatic”.

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It is already known how much the car will cost a potential buyer. To become the owner of the Mercedes Maybach S400 4Matic will have to pay 7 million rubles. Before the appearance of this model, the most affordable sedan. In the Maybach S400 lineup was the “500th” sedan, which was offered to buyers at a price of 8 million rubles. Even more expensive was the “600th” – 11.9 million rubles. From its more expensive counterparts, the new model differs not only in the presence of a lower power unit under the hood, but also in the absence of a number of options. So, in the new more affordable “Maybach” the owner will not detect the memory of the front seats.

It is worth recalling that the German auto giant under the sub-brand Mercedes Maybach produces the most expensive versions of the E-class. Soon, the line of models will expand. And all because, according to preliminary information, soon the appearance of the crossover Maybach GLS in a very large version is expected.

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