New Renault Coleos 2018 bundles and prices, photos, videos, specifications


The new Renault Koleos in 2018 expanded the equipment and other prices. The crossover, which became a premium version of the car, is essentially a revamped Nissan X Trail.
Renault cars are known in the majority, as inexpensive and budgetary. A simple design, a mediocre appearance and a cheap interior, and most importantly a low price. The new generation of Renault Koleos is designed to change the attitude of Russians to the brand and show that the French premium from Renault happens. A large cross-over has to compete mainly with Koreans, with Kia Sorento Prime and Hyundai Santa Fe. As a cheaper alternative is the Nissan X-Trail.

Exterior Koleos 2018 may seem unusual. But if you look at the models that are sold in Europe, it becomes clear that the main design elements have already lighted up on the new Megan hatchback and the prestigious Talisman sedan. In any case, the optics look very original, because nothing like this on other machines you will not meet. The large Renault logo on the chrome grille, large and rounded body elements and a large silhouette create a unique appearance of the crossover. Photos of the model we look in our gallery.

In the salon Koleos, the same design solutions, which managed to light up on the new Megan and Talisman. The huge touchpad is deployed horizontally. True, such a scheme has long been used on all new Volvo models. The instrument panel is partially digital. But the combination of traditional scales and digital looks incredibly harmonious. The large salon will be pleased with comfortable armchairs with all kinds of settings, climate control, and excellent noise insulation. The quality of the materials is stupid to compare with the finish of the Renault Duster for example, because between them is an insurmountable chasm. Pictures of the salon are attached.

The crossover luggage compartment holds 538 liters. To transport more oversized things, you can easily transform the rear sofa and get a pretty large amount of free space.

Characteristics of Renault Koleos

We have already indicated that under the hood Koleos you are waiting for the same powertrains and transmission as in XTrail. There are some differences, however.

For example, the Koleos drive is only full 4×4 and the CVT variator as a gearbox, while the XTrail has a cheap front-wheel-drive version with 6-speed mechanics. The second important difference, the “Frenchman” as a diesel engine is a 2-liter unit with a power of 177 hp, a Japanese soplatformennika 1.6 engine capacity of 130 horsepower.

The main power unit of Koleos is a 2-liter atmospheric engine with a capacity of 144 hp. (200 Nm). A more powerful 2.5-liter petrol engine produces 171 horsepower at 233 Nm of torque. The diesel version 2.0 develops 177 horses and 380 Nm. By the way, it is the turbodiesel that makes the car the most dynamic (acceleration to hundreds in 9.5 seconds) and the most economical, with an average fuel consumption of about 6 liters of solar oil according to the manufacturer.

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As for the implementation of the all-wheel drive. That scheme is exactly the same as that of Nissan. The main drive is to the front wheels, and the rear drives are connected via an electromagnetic clutch. A suspension is completely independent, disc brakes in front and behind. The rack-and-pinion steering has an electric amplifier.

Dimensions, weight, volume, clearance Koleos 2018

  • Length – 4672 mm
  • Width – 1843 mm
  • Height – 1673 mm
  • The curb weight of 1600 kg
  • Full weight – up to 2280 kg
  • Base, the distance between the front and rear axle is 2705 mm
  • The track of the front and rear wheels is 1591/1586 mm, respectively
  • Cargo space volume – 538 liters
  • The volume of the trunk with folded seats – 1690 liters
  • Fuel tank capacity – 60 liters
  • Tire size – 225/60 R18
  • Ground clearance – 210 mm (with diesel 208 mm)

Price and complete sets of Renault Koleos 2018

The cost of the car can be too high, but let’s not forget that the database is already full-drive, dual-zone climate control, keyless access, parking sensors in front and behind, multimedia system R-LINK2 with a horizontal touch screen diagonal of 7 inches, cruise control, heated seats, a full electro package and much more. The truth salon in an initial complete set fabric, for that in all other versions it is a skin. A complete list of prices and current accessories is available below.

  • Koleos Executive 2.0 (144 hp), 4 × 4, СVT X-Tronic – 1 749 000 rubles
  • Koleos Premium 2.5 (171 hp), 4 × 4, СVT X-Tronic – 2 059 000 rubles
  • Koleos Premium 2.0 diesel (177 hp), 4 × 4, CVT X-Tronic – 2 219 000 rubles

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