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January 7, 2017

The luxury manufacturer Jaguar is preparing a sedan, which will have the dynamics of a super sports car. In addition, car owners will appreciate its luxury limousine. New Jaguar XJ R version was quite powerful motor, in which 550 horses with 700 Nm of torque! Similarly, the motor can only boast of a sport coupe Jaguar XKR-S. To disperse hundreds of such machines in a little more than 4 seconds.

R version of the Jaguar XJ sedan will be different from ordinary sedans special aerodynamic. In addition the car will receive an upgraded sport suspension. In the car will be sporting attributes. Plus XJR sedan can become all-wheel drive.

The main competitors of “charged” sedan from Jaguar will become Mercedes S 63 AMG, which has a 5.5-liter turbo-V8 to 544 horses (there is a version and 630 hp). Another rival from Bavaria, this BMW 760i – which is similar to the motor power, namely 544 hp These sedans are mainly competing with each other, but now the company added XJR.

Presentation of the British Jaguar XJR will be held in New York. March 27 there begins the traditional annual auto show. all the technical characteristics of the new super saloon will be revealed at this Motor Show. There you will be called the price of this powerful car. Will such a machine is officially available in Russia is not yet known. Basically, the machine is designed for the US market.

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