New Suzuki Vitara has turned into a compact parquet crossover


New Suzuki Vitara
New Suzuki Vitara

The new generation of New Suzuki Vitara has changed dramatically, in fact it is another car that does not have anything in common with the past generation of an SUV. In addition to the new design, Vitara received a completely different platform. In general, now it’s not even an SUV, the car has a very compact size, carrying a body, modest power units.

The recently appeared small SUV Suzuki SX4 New became the base for the creation of the Vitara 2015 model year. The cars have common units and units, transmission, single-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. However, the New Suzuki Vitara turned out to be smaller in length and wheelbase, but a bit wider. That is, the tight SX4 has become even closer, although the manufacturer claims the 5-person car accommodates, although the comfort is not enough.

According to the idea of ​​marketers of the Japanese manufacturer, the new machine should appeal to European youth.The car will also be sold, but against the background of the next fall of the ruble, the price of a crossover with a length of just over 4 meters can turn out to be transcendental. Therefore, mass demand can not be dreamed of.

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As for the saturation with options, the manufacturer promises a fairly rich version already in the basic configuration. As head optics will act halogen headlights. Although today this is no surprise. You can buy “halogens” yourself, and increase the brightness of the native optics of your car. The rear optics of the New Suzuki Vitara will receive LEDs. In the center console will naturally be a 7-inch monitor. In more expensive versions, the image from the rear view camera will be displayed on the monitor screen.

As for power trains and transmission, the choice of motors is small. The basic engine for the New Suzuki Vitara is a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 117 horsepower. Naturally, the same motor is on the SX4. For the European market, a diesel unit of 1.6 liters is also available, but whether it appears in Russia is unclear. The manufacturer promises a fairly economical fuel consumption, which even in off-road conditions will not exceed 10 liters per hundred.

New Suzuki Vitara Rear
New Suzuki Vitara Rear

The high ground clearance and the brand-new 4×4 AllGRIP system are complemented by a 6-speed automatic Aisin box, or a 5-speed manual. From the variator manufacturer refused in favor of the classical torque converter due to the economy, which provides a new generation of automatic transmissions.

Who is the main competitor for the new crossover Suzuki? The manufacturer himself points to Nissan Juke, Opel Mokka and Kia Soul. These are all very compact cars, and the Korean Soul is not a crossover at all. When creating the new Vitara designers looked at these cars, although they are all very different.

The price of new items is already known. The basic configuration front-wheel crossover with a 5-speed mechanics and a 1.6-liter motor (117 hp petrol) is $15k. The same car, but with a 6-speed automatic device $16,700. As for all-wheel drive versions 4×4 Suzuki Vitara, the models of 2015 are offered for $20 K. The top equipment with navigation, multimedia system, panoramic sunroof will cost $23,500.

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