New Toyota RAV 4 2018 photo, video, the characteristics of the updated Toyota RAV4


The new Toyota RAV 4 of 2018 is officially shown in the USA at the Motor Show in New York. The first photos of the new generation model caused an unprecedented stir. After all, the model is popular not only in the states but also in Russia. True to our market model will reach no earlier than 2019. For that, the Russians will receive the 5th generation of the Toyota RAV4 of the Russian assembly.

Perhaps the main surprise with the change of generations was the courage of Toyota designers who used most fantastically exotic attributes of the FT-AC conceptual model. But we will talk about appearance later. For now about a new platform on which a new body is built. Thanks to the relocation to the base, TNGA K managed to keep its dimensions, except for the decrease in the length of the body by 10 mm by a significant change in dimensions. But the wheelbase was not enough. but still, increase, the increase was 3 centimeters.

The appearance of the new crossover leaves no one indifferent. Designers decided to create a very original, no one looks like an exterior. A huge number of chopped lines gives the urban crossover a silhouette of this SUV ready for the generation of any roads and impassable roads. Photos of new items look in our gallery, where you are waiting for not jaded images, but very fresh pictures.

Salon Rav4 has experienced no less revolutionary than the body. Nothing from the previous interior is simply left. Except for a quality assembly with a perfect fit of all the elements of the finish. The new multimedia system Entune 3.0 will please a large touch screen overhanging the central instrument panel. The compact steering wheel has an organic number of buttons for access to all functions. The panel of the blasts is highlighted by huge scales with bright blue illumination. You can rate the salon of the new RAV4 on our photos.

Photo of the trunk of Toyota RAV 4

Characteristics of Toyota RAV4 2018

Sales of new items in the US will begin only by the end of 2018. While announced the only 2.5-liter atmospheric engine with 206 horsepower. As a drive front or full. Redistribution of torque on the front and rear axle can be carried out 50/50. In the suspension, there are not many design changes, since the same familiar scheme is used. But the main innovation is the optional system for changing the thrust vector by means of an additional installation of the electromagnetic clutch on the drive of each rear wheel separately.

Naturally in North America will be available and fashionable now a hybrid version of RAV 4. As the power unit will make the same 2.5-liter, but already de-engineered engine, which will work in conjunction with electric motors and variator. The hybrid drive is only full AWD-i and will differ significantly in design from the conventional modification of the crossover.

Video of Toyota RAV4

A detailed video review of a new generation of Japanese crossover.



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