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News, models, a review of cars Nissan – all models, new items, line Nissan

You will look at the most serious accident, Which occurred on one of the American highways, and remember the phrase from the “Robocop”: “Alive or dead, you will go with me.”


The Shanghai motor show turned out to be surprisingly rich in crossovers. Of course, there are a lot of concept cars among them, but there are a lot of serial models. Many of them in the long term may turn out to be in the Russian market.


Is Nissan going to Back to the classic machines instead of variation? Will the all-wheel-drive Qashqai and the petrol X-Trail version with a manual transmission? Why in the X-Trail crossover for the Russian market are the functions of monitoring tire pressure and recognition of road signs disabled? In which cases is the dealer entitled to independently decide on repair under warranty? These and other questions from the readers of “Behind the wheel” were answered by experts from Nissan.


Determine how liquid the most popular cars on the Russian market are.


In New York Nissanovtsy will present the super-car GT-R in the “uniform of a patrol officer”. That’s just whether the car will catch the bad guys? The company Nissan announced a special retrospective version


Rear-wheel drive coupe 370Z. Its premiere will take place next week at the Auto Show in New York.


American Internet -resource iSeeCars on the results of the study revealed cars capable of nursing 320 thousand kilometers or more. The most enduring were full-size off-road vehicles.


In 2017, Nissan celebrates the decade of its crossover Qashqai . This is the most successful European model of the brand and one of the world’s bestsellers. Interestingly why?

Nissan Company introduced a limited track version of the sports car GT-R, which Nevertheless it is possible to operate on public roads. Version Track Edition will be cheaper than even more extreme Nismo.


In the current economic Realities are hard for everyone: auto giant, dealer centers and ordinary car owners. In this situation, many manufacturers change their after-sales service policies. As it happens in practice, we found out on the example of the company Nissan.


In India The presentation of the modernized budget off-road car of firm Nissan took place. The car has a more modern and stylish interior, the range of power units has not changed.


System of the release of all modern cars there is a device for reduction of toxicity of the fulfilled gasses – the catalytic converter. Consider its design and possible malfunctions.


Joint Sino-Japanese JV Dongfeng Nissan unveiled the Updated mid-size crossover X-Trail third generation. Changes are mostly cosmetic.


And this is not an April Fool’s joke. Just the Japanese decided to spend national Arab pride and determine the power in Camel power. They explain this by the fact that the horses sink and sink in the sands and measure their strength are not possible.


I like both cars. I know from friends how wonderful Kashkay and Tussan were in their first versions, remembering their reliability in operation. And now the next developments under the well-known names ask a new intrigue: what to choose for a close price?

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