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Nissan GTR

Nissan GTR At the motor show in New York,Nissan Will show,most unusual version of its sports car


Photo by: manufacturer

Nissan GTR Supercars in the service of police are not so rare, they are in the arsenal of the siloviki of Italy, Germany, Great Britain, and Dubai can boast a whole garage of Most fast But usually they are not subjected to special modifications: they are equipped with flashing lights and a siren, and a service livery is put on the bodywork, but Nissan will bring one of the most unusual “interceptors” created on the basis of the coupe to the motor show in New York GTR which received the name “Copzilla.”

In addition to the standard for police cars, LED beams and stroboscopes in front of the windshield and behind the radiator grille, the coupe was equipped with a massive camera, with which the police can ram cars Criminals.

Also the policeman Nissan GTR received a new aerodynamic body kit, a large wing and 22-inch alloy wheels. In addition, the suspension of the car is equipped with shock absorbers with adjustable rigidity.

Under the hood of the GTR police officer, a 3.8-liter twin-turbo engine with a power output of 565 hp

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