We are not a hedge fund for you!" – Porsche declared war on speculators|RSC


It’s no secret that many people buy expensive sports cars for the purpose of their subsequent resale. In the company Porsche such activities are not approved and will fight with it.

Porsche 911 R

Porsche 911 R

Andreas Proninger, responsible at Porsche for the development of GT-models, told in his interview to the American edition Car and Driver about his dissatisfaction with the fact that rare sports cars become a tool of profit for dealers.

A typical example is the limited Porsche 911 R coupe: it was released last year with a circulation of 991 copies, the factory price was about 190 thousand euros, and And the secondary market price quickly flew for a million euros !

Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3

In March of this year, Porsche introduced [theupdated911GT3 and discouraged the speculators by deciding to return to this model a manual transmission, thus dropping the price of 911 R. The fact is, the 911 R and 911 GT3 technically Are very close and the exclusive status of the “erka” was held not only on a limited edition and lightweight body, but also on the manual gearbox, which the current generation GT3 There was not any. Some owners of the 911 R were very disappointed that their car lost a fraction of the rarity and is now not valued as much as they would like. Proninger responds to these resentments like this:

“We are not a hedge fund for you! I appeal to people who reproach us for proposing a machine with a mechanical box, the same as the 911 R: if customers ask us for more of these cars, we go to meet them.
Personally, I like when our cars For the sake of this we are doing them. They are too good for dusting in garages. I do not like when people make money on our machines, it goes against our goals. The purpose of limited machines is not at all to bring profit to the owners. “

In the future, Porsche intends to closely monitor the fate of all limited sports cars and if it sees that the owner of a particular car quickly got rid of it, then next time he Just refuse to buy – they say, sorry, dear, everything has already been sold out, there are no cars for you.

To knock off the arrogance from speculators in this way, it probably will, but this measure is unlikely to save rarities in the garage stagnation – many auto collectors Intentionally Machines are preserved to preserve them, so to speak, in virgin purity. They do it not for profit, although a close to zero mileage is a guarantor of high cost in the future, but simply because they treat the car as a relic, like the Faberge egg or the Picasso painting. To do with this, unfortunately, almost nothing is impossible – do not prescribe, in fact, in the contract of sale the annual mandatory minimum mileage …

  • The company Ford in order to exclude speculators from among buyers of its new mid-engine Supercar GT came up with a whole quest for its future owners, within which they were to prove their “trustworthiness” .



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