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Audi TT RS


Audi TT RS :With the onset of a warm season, the German brand Audi decided to please Russian fans by launching sales on the domestic market of “charged” versions of the coupe and roadster Audi TT RS. The price of cars is pretty serious. But it is quite appropriate taking into account the dynamic characteristics of cars, which in this regard can be compared with supercars.

The world premiere of Audi TT RS was held last spring. However, to buy cars have become available only now. Novelties surprised market experts at the premiere, so they were worth the wait. The coupe became the most dynamic in the history of the Audi TT RS model. Used for the previous generation engine working volume of 2.5 liters, the engineers of the company have undergone serious modernization. The work carried out made it possible to remove additional 60 “horses” from the unit. As a result, its power now amounts to 400 “horses” and 480 Nm of torque.

Audi TT RS

In operation, the power generated in the car is generated by the Quattro system and the S tronic robot transmits all the wheels. The dynamics of the updated versions of the Audi TT RS turned out to be incredible. To accelerate to “hundreds”, the coupe takes only 3.7 seconds. A roadster on the performance of this exercise has to spend two hundredths more.

Future owners of cars in the Touring package will be able to accelerate to 250 km / h. The minimum price tag for such a car is 4 633 000 rubles(Russia). A more powerful version is called Track. The manufacturer created it with the orientation to use on the track. The maximum speed limit for such a car is at around 280 km / h. The buyer will be offered at a minimum price of 4,972,000 rubles.

For the coupe and roadster, regardless of the version, there is already a digital instrument panel in the list of available options. In addition to it, a system for selecting driving profiles is installed in the car, which includes four modes. In addition, the car can detect music premium Bang & Olufsen, which is equipped with 12 speakers with a total capacity of 680 watts. Inside the car there is a leather interior with sports seats and steering wheel. In the new Audi TT RS there are parking sensors, as well as a rear-view camera. Leather Feinnappa is used by the manufacturer to manufacture the seats. It has a diamond-shaped delay, and in addition there are many other pleasant moments in the design of the salon.

Sport suspension is present in the version of the car Audi TT RS Touring. In addition, as an option, the manufacturer offers headlamps on the LEDs Audi Matrix. The car in this configuration is equipped with wheel disks 19 inches. There are still brake calipers painted in red, as well as a décor made of aluminum.
The sports suspension also has the “evil” version of the Audi TT RS Track in its equipment. However, it contains adaptive shock absorbs. The purpose of this version – participation in the races on the tracks gives the presence in the rear of the car of the dual exhaust system, as well as the presence in the equipment of the rear lights of the matrix type on the LEDs. In this version, the car has decorative elements that adorn the body. But they are not made of aluminum, but made of carbon.

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