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April 29, 2017

How to protect your car’s paint from chips and scratches?

How to protect your car’s paint from chips and scratches? The question which is now gripped by mass drivers. One of the most pressing and intractable problems for motorists – vehicle protection from road gravel and stones, provoking the emergence of chips and scratches on the paintwork and windows. The well-known automobile publication makes a comparative review of the vehicle protection from chips and scratches – spray, liquid protection, leather muzzle, airbrush, camouflage coveralls, Stone Chip transparent film. Having considered the advantages and disadvantages of each protector, journalists come to the conclusion that to date the film Stone Chip is the most effective way to protect yourself from unpleasant paint chips.

Among the indisputable advantages of the film Stone Chip – reliability, invisibility, a variety of options for the application (car wrapping film of the most problematic areas of the car – bumper; Stone Chip Protection film areas that are less prone to damage – the thresholds of the car, the front of the arches of the rear wheels, etc .; Car wrapping a protective film entirely ), the possibility of a car headlight film for protection. In addition to chips and scratches Stone Chip film protects the vehicle from damage in the event of minor traffic accidents.

Important: The protective film auto cut on special equipment (plotter) on the basis of electronic patterns for a specific car model.

Stone Chip Test the effectiveness of protective films can be papered several cars cars VentureShield film. Auto film was deposited on the most vulnerable areas of the car – bumper protection, protection for the front of the hood and front fenders, mirror housings protection, protection for the front light optics. Pasting protective film VentureShield made on the basis of finished electronic patterns designed specifically for each model of car. This ensures the accuracy of the application bronirovochnoy film and a perfect fit of the film cars.

As a result, the annual experiment and impressive mileage of cars, Stone Chip pasted film, the researchers noted the strength and durability of the protective film – car film VentureShield easily withstood the test of the high-pressure jet at the car wash. Auto VentureShield film coped with its task – for all time a single cleavage in the car did not have!

The manufacturer recommends installing protective film car as the area under the car handles and sills, as well as to increase the area of the hood pasting in those models where it has a greater slope. This will help Stone Chip VentureShield film widths up to 1.47 meters.

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