Qualified repair Suzuki Grand Vitara in Moscow


Repair Suzuki Grand Vitara
Repair Suzuki Grand Vitara

The quality of Suzuki’s Japanese assembly is legendary, that’s why in this country cars of this brand are especially appreciated. But any car without timely maintenance and diagnosis of the main components and assemblies breaks down. Perhaps the breakdown of your favorite “iron horse” is the most unpleasant for any Suzuki owner. Today we will talk about the qualified repair of the very popular SUV Suzuki Grand Vitara in Moscow.

But first let’s think about what leads to the major repair Suzuki Grand Vitara . As practice shows, in the majority, it is ignorance of specificity of a design of the car of the given mark. Let’s admit, experts of the technical center “S-Auto” often face the problems of the Grand Vitara (after 2005, series JB), which after an elementary replacement of the spark plugs in the engine J20A, gets to repair the cylinder head. It would seem that it’s easier to buy and replace the spark plugs. But it’s not the sellers of spare parts, nor the woes of the master from roadside services who did not work with Suzuki, they will not allow you to save money, even on the contrary will complicate life financially.

Even if you pick up candles in the original catalog, inside may be candles with an elongated thread. Where it leads? The specialists of the technical center “S-Auto”, who have been repairing Suzuki cars for many years, clearly demonstrate this. Next, we offer several photos for clarity, which were made by the mechanics of a specialized car service.




As they say, “autopsy” showed that the wrong candles led to the failure of several valves, plus the spark plug thread in the cylinder head of the engine was damaged. It would seem an elementary, but unprofessional operation led to disastrous consequences.

Repair Suzuki Grand Vitara can not be trusted only to anyone, especially in Moscow, where the guilty can not be found later. Especially it concerns the engine. Most of the Suzuki Grand Vitara engines use a chain drive timing.

This circumstance relaxes the car owners, who stop monitoring the oil level and try to drive into the TO less often, but in vain. The chain mechanism is reliable and durable, but if you do not follow the oil level, it quickly leads to a knocking, and then a breakdown in the drive of the gas distribution mechanism.




After all, the tension of the timing chains, and in the Grand Vitara V6 engine a few, is provided by hydraulic tensioners. They, in turn, do not function properly without normal oil pressure, which leads to increased noise, vibration and breakage. The so-called oil starvation of the Suzuki Grand Vitara engine inevitably leads to costly repairs. Again, we turn to clarify the materials from the official site of the technical center “S-Auto.” Below are a few photos that vividly illustrate the lack of quality periodic servicing of the Suzuki engine.



Constant vibration of the chain mechanism led to the spontaneous unscrewing of the nut of the soot holder, why the timing chain began to vibrate even more. As a result, the teeth of the drive wheels became abnormal. Another illustration of the lack of attention to the engine, the following picture demonstrating the state of the crankshaft main bearing shell.

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Naturally, the owners of Grand Vitara could avoid all these deplorable stories by contacting the Suzuki specialists on time. Today, one of the best services to repair Suzuki in Moscow is a large technical center “S-Auto”. Which has not only advanced diagnostic equipment, but also a team of professional masters. Huge experience of work, already since 2001. Direct contacts with suppliers of original and non-original spare parts and consumables, makes the reference to the technical center an advantageous and competent decision.

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